Day 1: August 16-17, 2009

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September 18th 2009
Published: September 18th 2009
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Day 1: August 16-17, 2009:

Left Memphis at around 9:30. It was a decent flight; took lots of pictures for Jessy because she mentioned it before I left.

Arrived at O’Hare, found my gate, ate lunch, called mom, then got on the plane. I was on the end of a middle row with 5 adjacent seats, and the only other person on the row was an old man on the other end. However, this old man lifted up all the armrests on three seats, sprawled out on them, and then slept most of the trip, leaving me little more room than my own seat. So much for all the extra room… I was miserable the whole trip too, because, despite my efforts, I only slept for 30 minutes, even though I was exhausted the entire time. Some of it probably had to do with the two kids who screamed practically the whole time.... I don't think their poor parents got the thirty minutes I did though.

I get to Narita, go through customs, and find the girl who is supposed to take me to my dorm. She’s so nice, and I would have been dead in the airport without her. She helped me with my baggage delivery that I needed --and it was in 100% Japanese speaking people with lots of Kanji, so I’m especially glad she was there. We figure out which rail line we have to take, and get one of those 24 hour passes, because our route is so long. She messes up a few times, but a lot less than what I would’ve done by myself. We ride the train for something like 2 hours, then we walk this ridiculously long time to my dorm… 12 minute walk my butt… We get lost a couple times, but she calls the dorm for better directions and someone comes to find us. Finding this place is really hard to do in the dark.

By the way, I kind of like the little songs they play for each train; they’re cute.

Along the walk, though, I notice that it’s a lot cleaner here, and a lot safer feeling. So I guess I really like it here so far, despite my horrible mood from bad traveling that I tried desperately to hide from Riyo (I think that was her name. It was late, and I was deliriously tired) so she didn’t think it was her fault. I really would have been dead without her…

Tomorrow is orientation, and I have no food or drink or shampoo, and my luggage doesn’t come until tomorrow either, so we’ll see how things go. At least I finally get to sleep 😊


21st September 2009

I'm too lazy to figure out how to go back and change the dates I put in here, so just note that it's in fact September 16-17, 2009; not August.

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