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1st August 2011

love the blog. thanks for sharing and in my "next life" i will be your travel buddy!
see above
From Blog: The Return
31st July 2011

I ate my first fresh fig last weekend at Patrick's. Very tasty. I'm jealous that you had them frequently!
From Blog: Objective: Food
31st July 2011

yay for pics.
glad to see you had friends ;)
From Blog: Misplaced Photos
13th July 2011

Tea with Shema
You two are very cute. I see what you mean about the French sprinkled in.
13th July 2011

I love your description of the tea.... "tea-flavored sugar water and mint"! So glad you are having a great time. Loved the video of the call to prayer. It's powerful, hearing that.
12th July 2011

Birthday bash
I love your Maman for having a cake for touching. I'm glad you had a wonderful day. I can't believe you will be leaving soon. I also can't wait to talk to you!! Bittersweet.
4th July 2011

Erika! You look good in the pics. I'm glad you got to be there for a wedding. What age would you estimate for the bride and groom? Do you people think you are strange because you are unmarried? (I don't think you are strange...haha)
From Blog: Country Wedding
25th June 2011

I'm with Greta!
I love henna too! Also, you are looking very good in your pic playing ball. I'm not at all surprised you got distracted. You can only continue to learn after grasping the formal lang, you'll just continue to get cooler and cooler as you learn each dialect.
From Blog: Language Debate
24th June 2011

I love the henna! It's always so pretty, with the rich red colors. I'm glad you are having a good time! Happy Birthday soon!
From Blog: Language Debate
23rd June 2011

I really appreciate your pics in the desert. Especially the pic of the travels of your water bottle. Your blue scarf is very pretty! Did you name your camel? ;)
From Blog: The Sahara
22nd June 2011

Loved your comparisons
Sounds like you have had two very interesting trips, life experiences-- but from reading your bio I would say you have had many more.
From Blog: The Sahara
14th June 2011

I love the Pics! It looks very clean. I'm so glad you have made friends. Everything looks beautiful. I started to get hungry when I was reading about the market.
From Blog: Walking Home
14th June 2011
Walking to School

Right side
Hey they drive on the right side of the road!
From Blog: Welcome!
6th June 2011

Reminds me of my honeymoon in Casblanca, Marrakech and down into the Atlas mountains. I just love the tile work. Big points for patience with the girls, Erika!
From Blog: Touring Fez
6th June 2011

Ha! "I turn at McDonald's..." I love the tile work. It's so beautiful! Glad to hear to are getting some rest before classes begin. Hope you are enjoying yourself!
From Blog: Welcome!
2nd June 2011

What an adventure!
Can't wait to learn about Morocco through your experience! Yes, please keep 'em coming!
From Blog: Directions?
30th May 2011

still want more pics :)
glad to hear you have a decent space to relax. Hope school goes well on Monday!
From Blog: Welcome!
30th May 2011
From Above

more pics...
I want to see more pics! Also, love those shoes!
From Blog: Lisbon
30th May 2011

Yay for travel blog!!! Keep 'em coming!
From Blog: Directions?
27th May 2011

Best Wishes!!
Have a good adventure, and fill us in all the way!!!
From Blog: Lisbon
27th May 2011

Time Schedule?
I cannot belive you bothered to make a schedule, let alone one with time constraints!!??
19th September 2010

When Garrett was in Benin, I used to follow a number of blogs--yours among them. Today I noticed that my bookmarked blogs were from WAY back and decided to take a few out. I clicked on a few and noticed that nothing had been updated in close to 2-3 years. Imagine my surprise to see yours with new entries. Keep up the good work in Michigan. Arabic seems daunting. I bet you are the only one with a bit of a working knowledge of Mina, however! Wyn Hyzer (Garrett's mom)
From Blog: Academia
17th August 2010
I Ate Here, Too

Athieme need some fruit trees.
Hi. Erika, I'm impressed and I like the exposure you have given to Athieme. May I know when would you go back so that I can plan to go with you? I have a project in planting some fruit and shade trees in Athieme. I would need your help. What do you think about that? Thanks.
From Blog: More Pictures
6th July 2010

Navigation Gizmo? It should not be a half hick name, it's either a navigational device or a a gizmo that tells ya where to go.
From Blog: Orientation
6th July 2010

You Go
....feeling excited and full of hope for you as you venture toward some future draped in Arabic.... and looking forward to more blog entries, too!! Love You!
From Blog: Orientation

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