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18th August 2006

The week sounded fantastic. I'm really glad you are friends with those girls:).
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3rd August 2006

Nice puppy!
I love your new dog, he looks very cute:). I'm also glad you finally wrote a new blog. It's good to hear from you.
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2nd August 2006

Mmmmmm, apple crisp! As I was driving Kate back to WY from NE (for Ryan's wedding) we were discussing the grandness of apple crisp. I haven't made it in sooooo long....I'll have to get on top of that and make some for Nick and myself. :)
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16th July 2006

I believe this is my favorite recipe! You are too clever!
29th June 2006

It's a Girl!
Erika- I just want to let you know that I enjoy reading your blogs and am praying for you as you continue your journey and work. I wanted to let you know that I gave birth to a baby girl on June 4th. Briahna Lynn weighed in at 7lbs 7oz and 21.25in. long. She is beautiful, and has already gotten to know our Aunt Jill! Take Care Erika!!!
12th June 2006

I love your random entries!
11th June 2006

Erika, I really think that you should start a book discussion blog when you get back to the States. I've got one (though I've been much better about reading than abour writing about the books lately). Can you tell I miss our book club?
9th June 2006

Let them eat Cake.
Sometimes one sliver of cake is worth more than two days of food. Everyone deserves to have something special every once in awhile... I'm also glad that i'm not the only one who has been so immersed in a book that you feel it is necessary to share passages of the book with other people. REmember when i was reading "Uncle Tom's Cabin"---a beautifully written book that should be read by all.
9th June 2006

I love your pictures! Can I meet Juanita when I come to visit? She is beautiful! Wait on the snake until after my visit is through, ok? I can handle all of the other critters (I think) Love you!
9th June 2006

I am an ostrich
It is easy to keep my head in the sand and pretend that no one is hurting. If we see a sad story on the news, we can turn the channel. Sometimes I even look down on some people because I think they could just try harder. How can I be so insensitive? Because the guilt is strong if my head comes above ground. I'm really not a mean person, I just want an explanation of why I am so fortunate and others are not. When I don't know why, I make up excuses or ignore. Is this at all clear? Love you! You do make a difference no matter the size and I'm glad you can still make/eat cake. I like the dictionary analogy.
13th May 2006

Kraus Time
Hey Erkia! I really associate with the Kraus time thing! It not that I do not care about being on time, it is that I'll get there when I can, I have to finish what I am doing first. Who coulda thunk things would go the way they do and now the project I am on just blew the whole schedual! What schedual!! If it doesn't get done today, maybe I'll get to it tomorrw! A person has to have time to have a cold beer once in awhile! Keep plugging along, we're proud of what you are doing. We love ya! Dad.
From Blog: Mayday
27th April 2006

on your way...
yep! your on your way! A beautiful travelblog I must say. If you aren't destined to be an author I hear that you are interested in opening a restaurant in Montana. jimmy sent me an email today! haha. Hope you are well, and i read all three new blogs:).
From Blog: Life
25th April 2006

Cute Story
I loved this blog. It sounds like you were still feeling pretty silly when you wrote it! It's very 'Erika'! It looks like you had a fun weekend visiting family and friends. Love you, miss you LOTS.
22nd April 2006

What a trip! Come and see my blog! Thanks!
18th April 2006

I remember you being the most curly headed of all of us. Especially on nice humid days the hair at your neck would curl into perfect little corkscrews just like that one.
From Blog: Update
16th April 2006

Thank you for replying to all of our questions! The picture with the snake necklace really got them wondering about things. I know you're busy with lots of things and we appreciate you taking the time. We'll think of more of a variety of questions for next time. Love you to pieces! Did anything ever happen with that West African tale that I sent? I was curious if anyone in Benin had heard that tale before.
From Blog: Ms. Kraus' Class
15th April 2006

Sorry that last commet was from me:)
From Blog: Men and Women
15th April 2006

I got this the other day..... “You’re so smart,” for knowing midnite is the beginning of the next day, or, “You’re so pretty,” maybe I washed my hair yesterday, but this is just a t-shirt and capris; or, it drives me nuts, and feel a somewhat belittled. Definitly makes me question why am i talking to this person. Agghh!
From Blog: Men and Women
15th April 2006

I was sooo jealous of you on the day of the eclipse. I am still really jealous.
From Blog: Update
15th March 2006

I enjoyed reading your description of the Mass! Needless to say, the music at Scranton isn't quit as good as what you describe there!!(LOL) I'm sure enjoying your journal entries. I'll check this website again soon. Have fun!
From Blog: Maple-land
21st February 2006

Tell all your neighbors thank you from me for taking good care of you and keeping watch over you. I hope that's the only thief you have come to visit. I can just picture you dancing in church - doing "the Erika" You have some moves, baby!
From Blog: Maple-land
18th February 2006

I also had the same problem when going to communion. Absolutly no order. It's a good time. I hope you are well and I want to call sometime this week.
From Blog: Maple-land
17th February 2006

Pee like a pregnant goat? You are weird.
From Blog: Maple-land
17th February 2006

Mass in Japanese
Erika, I totally know what you mean about having mass in the local language. Most Sundays I go to mass in Japanese at the convent here at the college (at 7:30 a.m.!) Some things are just a little different and, as well as I thought I knew the mass before I left, sometimes I get confused if they are doing the Holy, Holy or the Our Father--I just haven't picked up that much Japanese yet. Luckily, I have the opportunity to go to mass in English sometimes at the Franciscan Chapel Center a train and a subway away. But most weeks, I just sit quietly and try to listen to the readings and homily, and then scurry back to my computer to look the readings up online. Two weeks ago, the priest (new priests are always coming to the convent to serve the sisters) noticed that someone in the congregation was a.) not habited and b.) not Japanese. True there were three other lay women there for mass, but I was the only one who had no idea what he was saying. He decided it was a good idea to talk to me during his homily. He took me so much by surprise that, although I should have been able to understand and answer his question in Japanese, the sisters had to answer for me. Then he asked me another question a little more slowly and after I answered (in Japanese!) he had the same reaction that all Japanese people have when they hear me speak their language the first time, "Kawai, ne?" Which roughly translates to, "That's so cute, huh!?" That was just a twinge embarrassing. Then, at the end of his homily he proceeded to say something in English, pointing out that it was just for me, that just didn't make any sense to me why he would say it. In Japanese he said something about America, December, and Christmas (Christmas time, I'm guessing). (He may have been talking about the movie Love Actually, but I just don't put a lot of stock into that supposition.) Then he said, "There is no greater thing that to love and be loved in return," looking at me for approval. I smiled and nodded (I do this A LOT) and he moved on. It was a good statement, and it was great to get a bit of the homily, but where America and Christmas came into it, I don't know. This is a very long comment indeed (that I will probably put in my own blog also), but I thought I'd share my mass story with you as well.
From Blog: Maple-land

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