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7th June 2010

Congratulations on signing contracts for next year - this area sounds lovely and the pictures are beautiful. Glad you could be close to another large city to use as your take off spot for traveling - It seems that being close to Hong Kong has worked out nicely for you this year. Love the fact that you are dropping that daily commute time to the school - your mom says it will be a little colder in this locale - but maybe you're ready to give up the heat and humidity. We had a very nice shower for Kayla yesterday. Can't wait to see you guys in July and at the wedding in August. Can you believe Alyssa and Caitlin are college graduates !!!! Alyssa was official on May 15th and Caitlin will get her diploma this Sunday - take care and safe travels - we'll see you soon!
21st May 2010

mixed emotions
Sorry to hear about Shenzhen Middle School...oh well, that might have been more like teaching in the US....35 lessons a week is not your style of teaching!!!!!! Glad you are checking out the college town and living quarters....Enjoy your last few weeks with your friends and students!!!!!
17th May 2010

fire drill
So a Chinese fire drill is not a Chinese fire drill????
17th May 2010

Fire trucks!
Wow! We didn't get firetrucks! And our "ambulance" was one of the teacher's cars with a paper red cross taped to the window. Yours was certainly cooler.
12th May 2010

yay, what an awesome birthday day! and the celebrations continue this weekend.... and im glad it all worked out for you guys with the $$. we got back and almost had an overdraft charge in our bank account cause of withdrawing from our US account too much!
11th May 2010

29th birthday
Quite the Experience! Really neat pictures! You were lucky with the cash situation! Forgot the debit /credit card???
5th May 2010

It's your birthday!
I think you're a day ahead so you would have already celebrated your birthday or maybe you're a day behind - who knows. Love the lesson on Nowism - hope you're having a great time on your trip to Taiwan - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
1st May 2010

taste of nowism
The good Lord took care of your details....no more sickness on Thursday evening!!!!!!! Enjoy and 5 day holiday it is!!!!
26th April 2010

weekend trip
Now I see what Pete has boo is!!!!Just a little technical problem???? Your pictures are neat !
26th April 2010

You guys should get a Chinese baby before you come home. Maybe that kid in the picture would like California.
22nd April 2010

BUSY BUSY BUSY you made me feel like I should get busy today! Sounds like Shenzhen Middle school would be a fun situation! Econ is right up your alley! Good luck with the college interview....if you get connected! Have fun this weekend again! MOM
20th April 2010

catch up
Well, it looks like no job in Shanghaui with that company! Isn't that crazy about the teachers being 45 minutes late to the bus!!!Those pen holders are quite the gift! Good job on the tutoring. Keep up the good work with your interviews! Good looking pork burger, Pete!Maybe someone would translate the newspaper article about your picture! Mom
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13th April 2010

Wow. What a beautiful photo of you, Elyse, on the beach in Westport.
13th April 2010

How awesome! We actually went to the Agrodome when we were there too which was a riot, but what a fantastic experience on your tour! And great photos!
7th April 2010

That transportation thing is crazy!!!! Glad you got to Moon Hill!!! Love that shot with the shoe shiner....bet he was so glad when he was done with Pete's shoes!!!! $2 ?? So if you went again...you would do the plane ride both ways???
7th April 2010

What a day!! Good thing you were pedaling slow!!! So glad to hear the end of the story with you being found at the hostel!!! So many thoughts went thru my mind!!!!!! My butt would have been sore long before yours!!! Glad i sent the ecard to remind you it was Easter! Remember...I am keeping your Easter candy til July!!!!
From Blog: Easter in China
7th April 2010

yay moon hill! beautiful pics. i love that pete got his shoes shined. :)
7th April 2010

Man, I wish we'd seen the poster about the snake before it happened right in front of us at Monkey Janes!!! Cool place, otherwise. :) Too bad we also got desperately lost on our Dragon Bridge adventure...at least you guys had no falls! Sounds like a good but muddy Easter:)
From Blog: Easter in China
4th April 2010

AHHHH, I did NOT realize you had a picture of a dog on here, I specifically avoided this section when we were here...I went back and noticed your tiny warning of the pics :P I'm glad you guys are having fun in spite of all the rain...the cooking class was one of the best things we did there also!
4th April 2010

cooking lesson
Looks like another fun day in china! The cooking lesson sounds neat! The mud bath??? I can't believe the dog hanging in public!!! North Face coat for almost 22.00 ! HAPPY EASTER...I am saving your candy until you get home in July!!!! I am sure it will be fine!!!!
4th April 2010

Shenzhen to Guilin
You must have your own GPS inside of you !!!!! All of the things you find!!! Hope your runny nose goes away soon!!! I love those slippers! Can you imagine living in that house boat??
2nd April 2010

Wiki is wrong
I'm surprised that Wiki forgot to mention Chongqing. It's the most populated city with around 30 million ppl. And it feels like it.
31st March 2010

So that's why!
Some of the high school students that attend my SAT/TOEFL/IELTS classes have grey hair. No lie!
29th March 2010

HS in China
Not much entertaining in china in the school system! I find that hard to believe that the seniors only get one chance for that "tall test" !!! Our students would think their system is way too intense!!!!
29th March 2010

We really enjoyed your China post. Our blog is looking for some good travel photos. If you have the time, check us out at dirty-hippies.blogspot.com Continued fun and learning on your travels, Eric and Heather

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