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21st August 2014

Travel with the baby :)
We took our little Liam to Croatia and CA when he was 10 months old. He did breast! And we saved money by having him on our lap
3rd February 2013

I thought that when you got two job offers...
you wouldn't know which to take and go to South America instead! I guess you will just have to settle down, buy a house (before the prices go up), have kids, and during your two week vacation live the falshpacker life style in some Central American eco-resort. Just kidding...great to hear from you again, and look forward to your blogs about Southern California.
3rd February 2013

So exciting! SoCal sounds like an awesome place to live. Can't wait to keep reading your updates!
15th November 2012
Dutch Water Wheel

Malaysia, a wonderful country and with very nice people!
OMG, the water wheel we been yesterday at Melaka! If you love this city you definately have to go to Buenos Aires, San Telmo, it is very groovy and a lot of heritage over there!!!!
15th November 2012

Chicago, what a beautiful city!
Hi there! I just saw your blog, cannot tell how I got here but I love what you are doing guys and tell you more, I remember being in Flight 1551 in 2008, as I used to travel to NYC quite often when representing Argentinian wine. So we had this big dinner with mamnager of the restaurant and invite people to taste our wine (from Mendoza, Argentina) and it was a great night! I wish I had more time to spend at that city, but it is definately one to go back!!! all the best!!!!
15th August 2012

Hate to burst ur bubble but you have lived in Illinois most of your life too, don't knock others too easily, good for you for getting out
17th August 2012

I am not knocking anyone just telling it like it is.
15th August 2012

Looks like u have an amazing family! And so big!
21st July 2012

looks like u had an amazing time. Sorry I missed out on seeing you guys :(
5th July 2012

Loved the video of the room, so glad you guys got to relax - and in such a beautiful place! Looks like a beer, too! Bet that helped :)
4th July 2012

living the life!
if China could just figure out the smog problem...these pictures would be really great! It is like you used a filter on your camera!
4th July 2012

Just the short time I knew Fr Maxy...you are so right....he is one or two in a million!
30th June 2012

another neat experience!
26th June 2012

good luck
I have been followed your blog for 2 years, now it's time to say good bye.
26th June 2012

You've had a wonderful three years...
which I've thoroughly enjoyed following. Don't stop blogging just because you've moved to Portland.
25th June 2012

great times!
25th June 2012

Crazy last few days!
25th June 2012

Having fun picture
I just called Karla's to have them make sure and see the Having Fun picture - I thought I was looking at Madison - the pose is VERY Madison and it's that cousin thing coming thru -
19th June 2012

Looks like a great time!
The photos are so pretty. Glad you guys got to experience a less touristy place before you left :)
19th June 2012

weekend with students
You would not have caught me on those planks! Brave Pete and ELyse! Great memories! Neat experience!
18th June 2012

Some of those fashions are very different ! Looks like more great nights for memories!
9th June 2012

I must say I was a little saddened when I read your "Things We Will Not Miss" blog. There are many things that anyone will not miss about any country, but sometimes they are better off not said. What makes travelling and living abroad so compelling is that every country is different. I like this blog.... Not sure I'd agree with the amazing street food. The thing I will miss most about China, and for that matter any Asian country I have spent time in, is the feeling of safety. No guns, gangs with knives, drug dealers on the streets, burglaries, car thefts. (that said, I have had bicycles stolen in Shanghai, and my car keyed in Hongcun). I'll be in Hangzhou next weekend with my dog. I know you might be busy but if you do have time.....
9th June 2012

I understand your feeling or see your point on somethings are better left unsaid. I have always lived by the philosophy that people need to hear the bad and good and always trying to end on a good note, that is why the things we won't miss blog was first. Safety is an illusion I believe in this country, there are plenty of people out there doing wrong scamming, trafficking, doing drugs, etc it may not be in your face on the streets but it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. The party does a great job of keeping it out of our faces but pushing it out. I had 2 bikes stolen in Shenzhen and my husband was robbed at knife point in Vietnam..neither of these had happened to us in the US (not to say it doesn't happen there because it does). Plenty of petty theft goes on everyday no matter where you live in the world, some people just like to take the naive approach to what is going on around them.
9th June 2012

will miss
I'm glad that you will have some things you will miss...or your experience would not have been worth it! I am sure you may return and I know you will keep in contact with your friends!
6th June 2012

spa junkie
I am jealous of these experiences!!! Sounds very soothing!

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