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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Camps Bay January 19th 2012

After a quick change and freshening up from our bus tour we headed out for our final dinner together as a group. We traveled about 30 minutes up the western coastline for a beach BBQ. We enjoyed a very relaxed dinner with a spectacular view of the ocean in front and mountain range behind. The food and wine were plentiful throughout the week and tonight was no different. South Africa has the perfect climate for grape growing and any wine be it sparkling, red, white, or dessert is delicious. I just chased a rabbit... Upon the return to the hotel most of the US and UK remained spirited into the evening and in my opinion fully embraced the role of Ambassador sharing in mostly business related conversation. Great final night out!... read more
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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape of Good Hope January 19th 2012

Thursday's start included a very early morning work session with the CSR team where I was able to share the emotional township tour. Since this group is shaping the charitable arm of our organization, it was decided that we should start by leaving a legacy right in Cape Town. More to come on that. Thursday was a full day booked on large coaches for a tour of the country side and southern coast line. We made our way south around the west coast of Africa. We stopped in Camps Bay for an Adrenalin Boat ride and a visit to an off the coast sea lion colony. The speed boats were equipped with saddle type seats and fit about 15 people each. Our boat had twin 200 HP outboard motors and hauled ass! The bay was foggy ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town January 18th 2012

It's Wednesday evening in Cape Town and the weather has been unseasonably hot and under heat wave conditions. Of course since most of my readers are freezing I am not looking for any sympathy. Air conditioning is not common in most places so going inside is not even option to get relief if you are not in a car or outside of the hotel. After today's township tour we got back and had some time to rest before formal dinner night. The evening started with a long and winding drive up to Table Mtn. Park. Table Mtn. offers a fully suspended cable ride up to the top, which means no support pylons on the way up. We ascended to the top in an open cable car that had a rotating floor with views of the entire ... read more
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Cape Town from Table Mtn
Sunset Cape Peninsula

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town January 18th 2012

Today's activity was optional and among the choices was a tour of the local townships. Townships consist of the old segregated areas of Cape Town that were created as a result of Apartheid. Apartheid, also known as the Forced Removal Period, was the government sponsored separation of people by color. Whites were given access to the best homes, schools, and neighborhoods. Non-white people of Malasian, Indian, or mixed origin were called Colored and given slightly better housing and more privilege. African black people, who made up 80% of the population, were given almost no rights and evicted from their homes and moved into settlements outside of the city. All of this happened in the late 1940's and into the 1960's. On this tour we visited the oldest township Langa, meaning sun. We were greeted by a ... read more
Lamga Township
Shanty Home

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town January 17th 2012

After a long day of wine tasting the group headed into the city for a dinner at African Gold. African Gold is a museum, dinner show, and traditional African cuisine served family style. Upon arrival we sat down for a lesson in African drumming and everyone grabbed a Djembe (jim-bay) and started to break it down. This was very fun and had everyone sweating before dinner. After drumming we had some wine and proceeded upstairs for a tour of the Gold in Africa museum which showcased the importance and symbolism of gold in African culture, particularly among the tribes. We heard a lot of history and saw some very interesting pieces including gold crowns, sandals, and staffs. Good shopping as well so all around a very nice touch before dinner. Dinner included a set menu of ... read more
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Djembe Lesson
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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Stellenbosch January 17th 2012

Day two in Cape Town! Woke early for our first Ambassadors meeting and laid the ground work for the rest of the week. I am on the Corporate Social Responsibility project and am tasked with defining the social outreach side of our new company. Super excited! Enough about work! Awesome day outside of the Waterfront area and out into the country itself. Started with a bus trip up to Signal Mountain for a look at the town from 3000ft. The weather continues to be unseasonably warm for this time of year, but compared to back home it’s great. Signal Mountain was incredible and had views all around of the Western Peninsula and Cape. The drive up was scary as it was a very narrow, winding road with a lot of blind corners and no guard rails. ... read more
Robben Island

Last night was incredible. First we were greeted by a marching band and they led us parade style through the waterfront area down to a catamaran. The group took a sunset cruise of Cape Town harbor and went all the way around the coast to Camps Bay. We were able to stop for a champagne toast and enjoy an amazing sunset over the Atlantic. The seas were a bit choppy so we took it very slow on the way back. Dinner tonight was a tradition BBQ with lots of choices. My fav was the lamb kabobs hot off the charcoal fire grill. The desserts and wine were fantastic as well. It has been a real treat to meet folks from other parts of the business all over the UK and Canada. Great bunch of people and ... read more
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After crashing at 3:00am local time (8:00pm EST) I woke up rested and ready to venture out for the first time. This part of Cape Town is very westernized and is a hot spot for tourists. The Table Bay Hotel is connected to a large mall and the waterfront district is full of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and shoppes. The hotel cafe has an amazing view of Table Top Mountain (named for its flat top) and today is about 100F which is very hot for this area. In the photos you have a nice view of Table Top Mountain, the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront district, and a ferris wheel which arrived for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and has stayed. Yes the cars on the ferris wheel are air conditioned! Seals are very people friendly and crowd ... read more
My Safari!
Robben Island on the horizon

The flight across S. Europe, Mediterranean Sea, and entire continent of Africa was LONG but not as bad as I thought. I was able to watch Horrible Bosses and Season 3 of Parks and Recreation and also Moneyball. Food was not as good as Delta and it was much harder to nap with the sunlight. I did listen to Speak Now in it's entirety about 3 times (yes I am TS fan!) and also become a fan of Bruno Mars. P.S. KLM you shouldn't serve fish on extended flights because the smell does not dissipate - ever. Next up I will clear customs and get the very exciting passport stamp then off to the hotel via coach and hopefully a good nights rest to adjust to the time change.... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam » Amsterdam Zuidoost January 15th 2012

Hello from Amsterdam, Netherlands! After a 9 hour overnight flight I have completed the first leg of my journey to Cape Town, South Africa. We left Atlanta at 5:30 pm and lost 6 hrs in flight so its now 8:30 on Sunday morning. First Class is definitely the way to go, although I don't suggest watching Hangover 2 while seated next to a stranger as random bursts of laughter are disturbing. Next flight is 11 hrs which will be a test of my will and my seat mate as I hope to watch Horrible Bosses and Season 3 of Parks and Recreation so more bahahahaha moments are eminent. Joined the rest of the North American team that flew in from San Fran and Montreal. So blessed to work for such a class organization! Miss my Shelly, ... read more

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