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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes August 21st 2007

Here are more fun and food items re Rhodes... read more
Country Restaurant Chef
Fun food choices
More good food choices

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes August 20th 2007

After visiting the island of Kos for 6 days we traveled to the island of Rhodes. The entry allowed us to see the very large castle of Rhodes. Inside the castle is the large Old Town with old alley ways, streets, hotels, tavernas, restaurants, and shops. We visited the old town several nights for a walk, shop and drinks. Lots and lots of tourists. We celebrated Arlene's birthday with a nice drink infront of the taverna. Again we had fun with the fellows seating you. We wanted a front seat and we got one, right on the road. We sat there for several hours just watching the crowd so well dressed almost looked like they were going to a wedding. Lots of music and good drinks. We had fun with a car rental for 3 days ... read more
Old House
Art at the Beech
Anthony Quinn Bay Beech

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes August 19th 2007

Here are more pics from Rhodes a very fun island for sure with so much to see. We actually bought a travel guide and followed it along our travel down the island. This helped allot to see sites that you might not normally see.... read more
Rhodes Castle at the port
Old town Castle
In the Old town castle

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Bodrum August 18th 2007

We sure enjoyed our time in Turkey. The 3 of us had so much fun bargaining with the shop fellows and actually having fun talking to them. They were really charming to us. Arlene and Myrna did some jewellery purchasing with fellows following them with good deals as we went from shop to shop. We got a great appreciation of this city. It is a beautiful city of neat houses, resorts, shops and food. Would travel here again. The port was also so beautiful. ... read more
A glass of Turkish tea
A cold ice drink
The port castle of Bodrum, Turkey

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos August 18th 2007

Here are out exciting food adventures on this Island of Kos, Greece. The port city has a large Castle in the entrance of it. When we arrived in the wee hours of morning, the young people were just going home (6 am) Did we ever enjoy our stay at this island for one whole week. We stayed 10 minutes out of the main town and travelled back and forth by a full bus each time. Many Germans travel here and most often rent bikes to travel back and forth to town. We had a beautiful place along the sea and could see the cities of Turkey across the sea. We travelled everywhere on this island and am sure we saw way more then most. It was so exciting. Enjoy what you see and think of ... read more
My choice
Myrna & Arlene's choice
Ferry to Kos

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos August 15th 2007

Even more pics enjoy all the beauty and fun we had along the way... read more
A big smile

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Kos August 15th 2007

Arlene, Myrna and I were off to the island of Kos. We arrived on a large ferry 9 hours later from the large Athens port of Perias. Our beautiful hotel was about 3 km out of the port city at a lovely studio with beautiful patios and swimming pool. We arrived in the port in the wee hours of the morning only to see the young people going home after a big night of usual partying with music still playing and bar lights still on. We used the local bus to go back and forth from the hotel to the main port city. We took the island bus to travel to numerous beautiful beeches around the island and on one day we heard of a village panarea, a village celebration. We missed the bus so took ... read more
Bodrum, Turkey
Houses of Bodrum, Turkey
On the ship

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Kefalonia August 13th 2007

As you see, we sure loved the food. Eat in much. Oh yes, but we also loved to eat out as well.... read more
Grenita anyone

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens August 6th 2007

Now back in Athens again. Did the markets and grocery store on Monday. On Wed, Arlene and I went for a swim to La Costa. How nice. So warm. Then did some local shopping and lazying around. On Thursday, Aug 9, sister-in-law, Myrna came in the the plane. On Fri, the 3 girls went downtown for a long 3 hour view of the fantastic Greek Museum. So many sculptures and art work and vases, etc. to see. We left when the doors closed. On Sat Nick and the 3 girls and Alex went for a swim at Zoo Berry beech. We had another wonderful time again. and then in the evening the 4 of us went downtown to the Plaka area around the Acropoli. It took us 3 hours with a bite to eat to walk ... read more
Arlene holding the little kitten
Dianna  and Myrna at St. George's Church
Nick and Arlene at St. George church

Europe » Greece » Central Greece August 5th 2007

Again we stayed all weekend in Nea Styra. We went for a drive through the forest where the fire was. So much was burned. Then we drove to a beautiful beach across the island in the narrow part of it. There were some caves in, Nephew Alex and Nick went for a swim in the cave. I did swim in the entry, but turned around. The color of the water and the scenery was absolutely fantastic. We swam for a while and then took pictures. Nick's mom came with us and watched. We came back home and the next day had a beautiful cod fish with garlic sauce supper along the port and then went home on the very late boat after walking around. What a nice weekend.... read more
Coffee anyone
Dianna and Arlene in Styra
Foti making crepes

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