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16th September 2007

scotland looks great
hi dianna, again it sounds like you are having a wonderful time this time in scotland (which is where I would love to be) I can't wait to see pictures - I'm also setting up a PPG reunion 1st saturday in December. Bring some of your pics.
10th August 2007

fantastic voyage
hi dianna, well it looks like you are having a fantastic time in greece, all the sites you have seen and being with your sister and family. I'm jealous..... I'm sure you'll have many more pictures to share with us when you return. For sure we will get together. In fact, I would like to put together another PPG reunion perhaps in early December. I will keep in touch. Ramon, Carmen and I saw each other in April. My co-worker is from Greece and he is also enjoying the pictures in your blog too - he has been back many times. See you soon. maureen
From Blog: Back in Athens
21st July 2007

Hello from St. Albert
We have been enjoying the pictures and your blog. We are leaving for a trip to Sask.(family time with Jim's sisters and cousins.) We will then head to Montana to a rock show to meet Friends. They will have some field trips where we will rockhound.Will catch up with your trip when we come home. Brandy is in charge of watering my plants.Have safe travelling.Hello to Arlene and Nick.
13th July 2007

You are so lucky
I am so excited for you. You are taking a trip of a lifetime. Hopefully in my lifetime I will be able to do such a thing. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pics and diary with us. It really makes me wish I could be there. I say never say never. Well have more fun and keep sending pics and notes, it is a wonderful treat for us all. Love Peggy
11th July 2007

So much to do
I am glad you are having an awesome adventure. I had to chuckle when I heard about the Japanese tourists. We have a lot of them her and I can identify. Keep on exploring, and have fun. You are doing well. Love, Jocelyn
9th July 2007

I am SOOOO jealous
Hey Mom, Sounds like you are still getting your exercise!! Wow...you are seeing so many things. Making sure to pack everything in! Funny how difficult it is to find some things there. I wish I was there with you to drink some great italian wine and have the pizza. Aaron and I will get there eventually! Can't wait to see the pics....I'm sure Arlene is so excited to see you this weekend. I can't believe you're going to be in Greece in a few days....so lucky!
6th July 2007

I miss you already!
Hey Dianna! Have a wonderful time, I am so happy you are heading on such an exciting adventure! Miss you! I can tell by all the extra coffee, undrunk!
6th July 2007

Here comes my big sister
Well, have a last look at my sister, Dianna, in Edmonton because the next time you see her she will be on a Greek island, sun tanning on a beautiful sandy beach beside the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranian sea, drinking a Greek Fraffe (iced coffee) and with the biggest smile on her face that you have ever seen. She wont be able to get that smile off her face until she goes home. God willing, we will all have a great time.
30th June 2007

First comment
Thanks for your comment Jolene. I trust you will enjoy the journals.
30th June 2007

nice pics
Hey....laughed good at the title "Greek???" You only have a few more sleeps to go. So jealous....I will be here at home dreaming of the greek islands. Not sure if we will have to money to make a trip there as well....maybe next year! have fun at your going away party! Love JO

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