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There are people who feel music deep into their soul. We consider ourselves part of that collective. The melodies seep through a portal and then you experience not only the music itself, but the very emotion created by the artist. Are you one of those? Do you hear the beat? Can you feel the vibe? Do you sense the rhythm? Does music stimulate emotion in you? Are your memories tied to songs? “The history of a people is found in its songs.” – George Jellinek The lights are dim in the Showroom at the Sea theatre as we move in and take our comfortable seats inside this impressive venue on a huge ship as we watch several blues legends walk on stage to take their seats. They truly seem to enjoying joking around and being together. ... read more
Stanley, Mr. Sipp, Dave
British Virgin Islands
Yep, that's what our ship does

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Oklahoma City November 13th 2015

Located in middle America between perhaps the two better-known states of Texas and Kansas is Oklahoma. Unless you’re a American and paid some attention during history class, you most likely don’t know a lot about this part of America. The name is derived from the native Choctaw Indians words “okla” and “humma,” meaning “red people.” The territory gained statehood in 1908 and the rest as they say is history. Oklahoma is one of the Great Plains states. It lies in an area meteorologically called “tornado alley.” Oklahoma is a state full of eager storm chasers. We must admit we love thunder and lightening so living here has been exciting. We’d never want anyone to be harmed by these storms but since Oklahoma is prime for these storms due to the colliding of cold air from Canada, ... read more
Devon Tower -OKC
Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial
Great View From 48th Floor

North America » United States » Oklahoma » El Reno May 2nd 2015

Every once in a while….a travel blog is going to contain a tale of a unique event. Just a glimpse of a life really , more even a blink perhaps, but nonetheless just plain smiles and fun. In pursuit of something uniquely small town America, but really an example of that fine local flavor that you get to enjoy…by just looking around. We present to you the town of El Reno, Oklahoma…….a proud community and home to the world’s largest onion burger. Yes you read that correctly. We’d never heard of El Reno, Oklahoma but someone at worked mentioned to Dave that they were having their annual Burger Festival…..and being fans of local fests, we had to go check it out. El Reno is a town of 15,000 people about 40 miles west of Oklahoma City. ... read more
350 pound bun
Hit the Road
Mr. Burger

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans March 26th 2015

Traveling about the world allows the opportunity to visit some truly unique and beautiful cities. Outside the United States are a plethora of cities with charm and their own special character. Regrettably, the States do not have that many candidates for this designation as other nations, mostly due to the fact that this nation is so much younger. But there are a handful of them like New York City, San Francisco and of course, New Orleans. New Orleans is a melting pot of cultures and tribal influences which provides a rich history and many ghost stories, tales of voodoo, black magic and a town that knows how to celebrate. Today on the surface of the French Quarter one might be overwhelmed by the bars and pub culture, the one too many strip club or gentleman’s palace ... read more
No alcohol shortage
The wedding march
Amazing architecture

We consider ourselves very fortunate, as we have been to each of the 50 states in the U.S. and 55 countries around the world. This of course makes us mere babes in the field of travel because so many of our friends have been to 75 or 100 countries. Our goal is to someday reach 100 countries but alas, we are in no hurry. It will happen. The shared goal is to enjoy the journey, each country, each experience and each new person. From time to time we chuckle when friends or fellow travelers go off on tangents about how to travel. Some, if not many can get rather condescending. We find the ego a funny thing when it comes to this subject. From reading hundreds of travel blogs on this site and in travel magazines ... read more
Wig Night
Chacchoben Mayan Ruins
Coco Montoya

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Eastern January 18th 2015

“The Blues are the true facts of life expressed in words and song, inspiration, feeling, and understanding.” – Willie Dixon The term colossal confluence comes to mind while reflecting on our latest journey. Although “confluence” is normally reserved for a hydrologic description of two rivers merging, it also describes a coming together of people or things…..a concourse if you will. We believe this is spot on description of a journey that involved travel, people gathering for a purpose, and most importantly, the opportunity to meet a couple who love to travel at least as much as we do…perhaps more….wait, no way! So…combine the Dancing Duo from Down Under, a cruise ship chock full of blues music lovers and fabulous blues musicians sailing the Caribbean and you’ve tr... read more
Wee hours of the morning
The Crossroads
Travel Blog Big Beat Band

North America » United States » Pennsylvania » Philadelphia December 4th 2014

Life’s Bucket List……… All of us have one. For some it is short, for some it can be lengthy, but we all have one. Those things we want to do and see during our short time on this mortal coil. Now, on each person’s list are usually one or two items that really stand out. Some are within reach, some maybe not. Some exist only in a world of dreams as reality prevents them from coming to fruition. But life is an amazing journey full of people, experiences and travels. And as you can well imagine, we have ours as well. Now we consider ourselves to be two incredibly lucky individuals who have fulfilled many of our travel dreams already. That’s not to say that there are not more out there, but when you sit back ... read more
Yusuf On Tour
Cat Stevens Tickets
Cat Stevens

North America » United States » Pennsylvania » Bucks County » Newtown October 6th 2014

October to December 2014 The small town life is disappearing in the States, as more and more people each generation leave for the city life with most not returning. It’s a trend that has seen the total rural population shrink to less than 20 percent of the total population. It’s a shame, as smaller towns can still offer us a glimpse of what a community really looks like. There are many great small towns in America and we had the fortune to live in one for a short time……Newtown, PA. Don’t be confused by the name, Newtown has been around a few years, actually since 1684, when William Penn (yes that famous one) founded this small hamlet just north and east of Philadelphia, which oddly enough is the fifth largest city in America. As you know ... read more
Dave's apartment
Lovely highways
The Brick Hotel

North America » United States » Maryland » Baltimore September 28th 2014

Since we began blogging we’ve been proud that we produced our blogs in a timely fashion. We began writing this blog in the fall of 2014 and promptly got side tracked with a busy life. Personally we had mixed emotions about Merry Jo accepting a job in Baltimore because it would mean we were working in different cities and we had never done that before….nor had we wanted to. Dave would be 40 minutes away in Virginia so we thought we could make it work. Sadly, what we didn’t know at the time was Dave’s job would end shortly after MJ went to Baltimore, his next job would take him to Newtown, PA and then to a job in Oklahoma City, OK all while MJ continue to work in Baltimore. We accepted the jobs so we ... read more
Tall Ships Festival
View from Ft. Mc Henry
Wicked Pub Crawl Guide

For those of you who have been following along on our explorations of the D.C area, you’ve learned that we frequented many of the political bars, explored museums and monuments….but you might be asking yourself what else there is to do in the area. The answer is….plenty. Mount Vernon and Monticello The northern Virginia area was once home to two of America’s earliest and most famous presidents, and their estates are worthy of a look if you’re a historian or just merely want a glimpse of what colonial life was like for wealthy land owners who were also politicians. Short day trips from Washington D.C. will have you enjoying the estates of President Washington and President Jefferson. More often than not, they are referred to as plantations. Washington as most people know, was our first President ... read more
Lovely homes
Zephaniah Farm Vineyards

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