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North America » United States » Nevada » Virginia City September 7th 2013

In this world many are in pursuit of the pinnacle of spectator sporting events. Some flock to Wimbledon or Churchill Downs, while others crave the World Cup or perhaps the Super Bowl. Our quest takes us to the charming old west town of Virginia City, Nevada, where the annual camel races take place. Heady stuff this, but throw in some ostrich racing and it becomes jam-packed wall-to-wall excitement that makes the heart pound while the laughs flow freely. If you are unaware of the charming little town of Virginia City, Nevada we hope to tell you a couple of stories about this small western town that will peak your interest and prompt you to schedule a look-see. Proud of its place on the National Register of Historical Places, this is a small town of 855 people ... read more
Hang on tight fellas
Red Dog Saloon
Bucket of Blood Saloon

Warm days and cool nights can be found in northern California wine country. Acres and acres of rolling hills dotted with trees stretched out along the bi-ways that lead you to your vineyard of choice. No matter what season you will find beauty along this landscape with each season taking on a different personality and colors. Winter is the rainy season and the hills become a rich green. Summer is dry and the hills are brown and are reminiscent of the chocolate hills of Bohol. As the vines grow, the grapes mature and the green vines look more vibrant against the tan brown hills. Sonoma Valley, California is known around the world for its wines and we are living in the heart of this area. We are not prone to passing on opportunities that are presented ... read more
Growing fast
A barrel or two?
Duckhorn Vineyards

North America » United States » California » Santa Rosa April 23rd 2013

Throughout the world there are many common things that bind us together as part of the human race on this planet. One is that almost everywhere, people answer the phone with “hello” no matter what language they speak. You can be on a plane sitting on the tarmac in India and the Burmese gent next to you takes a call and begins by saying “hello.” Another common aspect of everyday life is the posting of signs. They come in all forms, sizes and colors. Some are advertisements, some bumper stickers, and some are official government road signs or signs in parks and other areas. This is where the fun comes in if you have even the slightest sense of humor. We’ve endeavored to collect as many pictures of these signs in our travels so that ... read more
And we brought chips!!
In other words....

The return from a grand journey puts one in a reflective mood, as there was so much to remember and cherish about each experience. 14 countries were visited on this global adventure. The anticipation of the event itself was exhilarating, surpassed only by the actual travel itself. To sit and “put pen to paper” taxes the mind as thoughts skip randomly and sometimes are only loosely associated. From the moment that we tore off to the airport hoping to get on an airplane after our initial connecting flight from Dayton to New York was cancelled until the time we returned provided us with non-stop enjoyment of the surroundings and the people we had the great fortune to meet. We work hard and we play hard. We live lives where we don’t spend a lot of money ... read more
A party of puffins
Eqi Glacier
Binkley Brothers

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad January 15th 2013

Exploring Trinidad, a stop over in Cammaguay and on to Santiago de Cuba Leaving behind a vibrant city like Havana was sad and inevitable, but nonetheless we picked up our little Kia rental car and made our way south and east. Driving in this island nation isn’t challenging from automobile traffic standpoint, but rather from keeping an eye on everything else, like horse carts, hitchhikers, pot holes and trying to find any kind of directional signs. We were off to see some more of this beautiful nation and chose to drive east in search of more sights and adventure. The road out of Havana had three lanes in each direction for a good portion of the voyage. One thing was missing however…..traffic. Seems that the Russians built this highway for the Cubans, but of course ... read more
Cuban Coastline
Lovely view of Trinidad
Sunset near Trinidad

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana January 6th 2013

There are so many wonderful things to share with you about Cuba. The revolutions, life in everyday Cuba and the reminders of the Soviet Union all make up what is the Cuba of today. This island nation of some 11 million people has taken a unique path to arrive where there are today, yet they still hold many traditions that make them very special and unlike any other nation. Retracing the path of Hemmingway When you come to Havana you will find many photos of Ernest Hemmingway hanging in bars, restaurants and hotels. He is famous for his love of this city and this country. He spent many years living in Havana, enjoying the good life, the music, the people, drinking and he even found a bit of time to do some writing. When in this ... read more
Street musicians a plenty
A bronze Hemmingway
Best use of a corona bottle!

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana January 5th 2013

What’s new in Havana? Not much actually. Imagine taking a trip back in time….where the time on a clock actually is not a major factor, but living life to its fullest takes on an importance all its own. You look at the buildings and the vehicles on the streets and come to the conclusion that time has almost stood still…and for the most part it has. Welcome to Havana, Cuba. When you get off the plane in Havana you look at the clock and it says 1960, time seems unimportant. A bit of history In the late 1950’s, Fidel Castro and his band of socialists took control of this island in the Caribbean supposedly in an effort to thwart the Batista regime, which was in the throes of major corruption. Havana was being infiltrated by the ... read more
A jaguar!
Ambos Mundos Hotel
At the Tropicana

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu December 20th 2012

Sheer genius. That’s what it was. Merry Jo came up with the idea far in advance and now we were reaping the benefits. Such foresight and wisdom. Factor in the notion that the trip would be ending right before the Christmas holiday and it takes on an even bigger significance. Anyone who has traveled an extended period of time remembers that re-entry into their homeland usually involves a “sudden impact” concept, by which one minute you’re on the road, and the next you’re right back where you started, almost in the blink of an eye. You sit and look at one another and ask yourselves, “it’s over already?” By spending six days in Hawaii before heading back to Ohio for Christmas, we were able to return to the United States and still be on a bit ... read more
Diamond Head
Waikiki Beach
North shore beach

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Puerto Princesa December 14th 2012

Lurking just on the precipice of being a total slug is where we find ourselves at this point in the five-month journey we’ve undertaken. One minute you are taking a seven-kilometer hike up to see a glacier in Greenland, totally amped up because the scenery is beyond breath-taking and the next you are next to a rather large pool in a resort in the Philippines contemplating the end of a fantastic voyage. You take your pulse occasionally just to make sure and also steal a glance at one another on the beach chairs to confirm that indeed, breathing is still taking place. Almost there…….completely ramped down and totally peaceful. Such is the state we find ourselves in. The traveler’s version of true enlightenment. Feeling rested after months of constant fun on the ... read more
Solitude in the distance
Star fish in shallow water
Pandang Island beach

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Tagbilaran December 5th 2012

After five wonderful days on the Island of Malapascua, it was time to carry on the journey to a new locale. Continuing our pursuit of rest, relaxation and the ultimate tan, we headed to Bohol and the Peacock Garden Resort. Yes, our plan required that we stay the course and not overextend ourselves in order to achieve our goal of total relaxation and enjoy a bit of opulence. Gritty stuff, but we have the drive to succeed. We climbed aboard a small skiff and headed out a few hundred yards to a larger craft which took us to Maya on Cebu, then a three hour ride to Cebu City to catch the ferry to Tagbilaran City, Bohol. Getting around the Philippines takes time and patience as there are no direct routes given the 7000 or ... read more
The Peacock Garden
A strawberry daiquari
Daytime view

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