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3rd March 2019

Thank you for allowing us to tag along on your India adventure. I'm pleased you enjoyed so much about my favourite country. It truly has everything, even though its people don't. The one place on your itinerary that I've never visited in my twelve journeys around this incredible land is Tadoba - and you managed to see some of the animals there which I've missed too. I've added it to the list for a future visit - and future visits there certainly will be!
8th March 2019

Many thanks
Many thanks, Mike, on your comments of my blog/s. We loved India.
4th March 2019

Incredible Indai
Many thanks, Mike.
31st January 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog. As a frequent visitor to India (and Udaipur - my favourite city), it was refreshing to remind myself of the first time I experienced the colour, chaos and curries of this amazing country. I must remember your Jane Doe ruse too - I'm married, but my wife dislikes India and I usually travel alone; it would save so much embarrassment explaining that my wife is at home in the UK because she hates obvious poverty, lack of hygiene and spicy food!
13th July 2018

Fabulous!!!!!!!! Cheers, JG.
17th June 2018

Bird watching
So happy to hear about your adventures! I had a good chuckle about you and Ross checking out the birds :)
15th June 2018

Love your travelogue adventures.
Love your travelogue adventures. Am wildly jealous. Cheers JG.
19th January 2018

great photos & enjoyed reading your blog
My husband and I lived in Botswana for 5 years and loved it there. It was a long time ago 1977-1982, but reading your blog brought back such wonderful memories. So glad you had a great experience - we also had a wonderful time when we went up to the north to "game view". We have many moments that we used to call "our National Geographic moments" - thanks for the great photos (you might want to label them for others that aren't familiar with the game and birds of Botswana) - nice to see that after all these years it sounds like it hasn't changed much in the north - very happy to hear!
19th January 2018

Thanks Janice for your comments. I actually have a Flickr website with all the images for those interested. It has many of the species named, and has had many many views. (I think Travelblog strips links) : see here:
28th October 2017

Truly a magical shot...beautiful
29th October 2017

Many thanks, David.
18th September 2017

We are officially jealous!
t's so nice to see you two again and follow you on your world adventures. Namibia is definitely on our list of must-see places and your blog helps motivate Annette and I! I must see the dunes!!!
10th September 2017

Wandering baboons scared the hell out of me in Africa! Hey so if we do the 'bush salute' in Oz due to pesky flies, what do you do in Africa to fend off pesky baboons?
8th September 2017

Craig and Ross in Botswana and Namibia
You Guys, I'm enjoying every moment and photo of your fabulous adventure. Keep them coming, (So to speak.) Cheers, JG.
8th September 2017

Many thanks, John. All the best . C and R
30th August 2017

Craig and Ross in Botswana and Namibia
Love reading about your travelogue adventures. Keep em' cumming, Boys. Cheers, JG.
6th August 2016

First congrats on Blogger of the Week. Your bear photos are fascinating; something out of the movie The Revenant! Holy smokes I'm not sure I could get that close but thank you for allowing me to do so via your lens!
21st July 2016
Bear v salmon

Bears, bears, bears!
What a fabulous adventure--really it couldn't have been more perfect, from your great hosts, photogenic bears and the float plane drama, which made an exciting story, as bad experiences generally do!
7th August 2016
Bear v salmon

Alaska blog
Thanks Tara Cloud for your comments on my Alaska blog. Glad you enjoyed it.
18th July 2016

The Wilds of Alaska
Clear and crisp mountaintops. Love the wildlife. Lovely.
16th July 2016

Your blog is amazing and the photos are breath taking.
7th July 2016

Dear Craig, thoroughly enjoying your Alaskan tour and blog - your photos are breathtaking. Looking forward to hearing about camping with the bears! cheers Debbie
28th June 2016

a bit fishy
you don't go to Alaska with a purpose, you went for the halibut
23rd June 2016
5. Bald eagle with fish

not jealous at all...
I think I need to get your itinerary sent to me. I need to take that boat trip. Great photos and I'm enjoying the stories.
20th June 2016

Hi Craig, loving your blog and tips especially skipping the train and hiring a car instead in Skagway as we were considering doing the train trip and yes "expensive". Safe travels cheers Debbie

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