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Sorry this has taken so long to post, we are experiencing computer difficulties, first we couldn't access the website, then we couldn't upload photos. 05/10/05 Lone Pine We spent the morning in Bishop sorting out Hospital paperwork and checking e-mail in the library. When we left the library I had a parking ticket for "parking more than 18 inches from the kerb" since I was parked on the left side of the road facing in the wrong direction. We went to the Police station to see if we could pay the fine (and also to check if there were any other laws which we might inadvertantly break), and after a brief discussion the nice police officer let us off the ticket on the grounds that we Brits drive on the wrong side of the road anyway ... read more
Lake Isabella
Moro Rock
The view from Moro Rock

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Long Beach October 4th 2005

02-03/10/05 Eight wheels to Long Beach We headed south out of Bishop on the 395 and drove to Ridgecrest, where Carol, Rita and Mikayla were staying after a family wedding. We met quite a few of Rita's relatives and spent an hour or so chatting about our trip and the crash before we kidnapped Carol and made her navigate us to Long Beach. We spent the evening talking over news, old and new, and generally putting the world to rights. Carol and I did our degrees together in Portsmouth, England and Carol pointed out that it was probably twenty years ago to the day that we first met - LAWKS!! The next day we both slept late before finding space in the garage for the bikes. Later we headed to the Long Beach Aquarium to ooh ... read more
Sea Jellies
Lion Fish
Bat Ray

North America » United States » California » Bishop October 1st 2005

Hello everybody, first of all thanks for all your comments and e-mails wishing us a speedy recovery, they have been very much appreciated. We are getting better by the day; whoever stole my marbles has returned them pretty much as they were, the only changes are that I have a much clearer head (none of the old junk in there at the moment) and I have a tendency to hiccup now - hopefully that one will clear up! Vernon is still in pain from his cracked ribs, but it has improved to a dull ache unless he forgets and tries to lift anything. We hired a car today so we can get the bikes to Carol's place in Long Beach, where they will stay until we fly to New Zealand. We decided to go and find ... read more
The Accident Site

North America » United States » California » Bishop September 27th 2005

Here's the one you've all been waiting for... 18/09/05 Bishop CA We set off early as we had a long distance to cover, made good progress, reaching Coaldale by 11 am, our biker friend was correct it is nothing but derelict buildings, the main reason it gets a mention on maps is because it is at the junction of Highway 6 and Highway 95. We turned onto the 6 and continued on our way. We had planned to stop at Coaldale for lunch, but as the riding was easy we pressed on, stopping at about 12.30pm for energy bars and Gatorade (lunch is becoming sooooooo predictable). As the afternoon progressed the riding became more difficult as we headed up hill towards the Montgomery Pass; before the actual pass the road had one last trick to throw ... read more
Mongomery Pass, NV
The horror
After the crash

North America » United States » Nevada September 17th 2005

11/09/05 Mountain Springs We set off later than planned after an unscheduled lie-in, and headed up the 160 towards Mountain Springs. Progress was very slow, with a head/side wind all the way and 23 miles of unremitting up. The average slope was probably around 1 in 40 or 50, but there was no level and no down. About 4 miles from Mountain Springs Clare's hip started to play up, sending shooting pains up her back; we had to dismount and walk as she couldn't pedal any more. We reached the settlement of Mountain Springs at 8pm to discover that the nearest motel was 15 miles back down the hill we had just come up and the nearest campsite was a further 3 miles away. C- At this point I was in tears, the pain from my ... read more
The World Famous Mountain Springs Saloon

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas September 10th 2005

First of all my apologies in advance for any spelling/grammatical errors, I'm writing this on 21st Sept and if you read far enough you'll understand my woozy head - C 08/09/05 Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon Again we raced west, this time to the Grand Canyon via Monument Valley. We ate at a roadside cafe where I had tomato soup with the colour and consistency of strawberry Angel Delight. Fortunately, it tasted of tomatoes. Monument Valley was impressive, but strangely anti-climactic. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I thought there would be more 'monuments' than are actually there. We reached the Grand Canyon just before sunset - most of the crowds had gone and the colours were amazing. We pitched the tent in the Desert View campground and drove over to Canyon Village ... read more
Monument Valley, Utah
The Grand Canyon
The Chapel of the Holy Dove

North America » United States » New Mexico September 7th 2005

04/09/05 Las Vegas (no not that one) We left Amarillo via Cadillac Ranch, where 10 pink Caddies are planted bonnet deep in a row in the middle of a field, it's not at all surreal really! Many visitors have added grafitti to the cars and if you look closely you may find our own little stamp on one of them (hint: see photos). A further four hours on the road got us into New Mexico where the land became a lot more lumpy, we stopped at the Plaza hotel in Las Vegas after a recommendation from a traveller who we met in a Visitor Centre on the border, it is an old place with wonky floorboards, a resident ghost and connections to some of the famous names of the wild west. We had a pleasant meal ... read more
Cadillac Ranch
Correcto Graffito
Bandelier National Monument

North America » United States » Texas September 3rd 2005

It has very sensibly been suggested that we should put some dates into this, so here goes: 31/08/05 Memphis We're having trouble finding accommodation because of refugees from Katrina, we've ended up on a travel plaza with rigs all around and somebody has just tried to get into our room, mmmm nice. 01-02/09/05 Memphis to Tulsa We spent the morning in the Pyramid Centre at Memphis viewing "The Art of the Motorcycle", see photos for the full beauty of an Ordinary with engine. After lunch we drove past Gracelands then headed towards Tulsa, getting as far as Lake Ouchita where we camped. We got approached by raccoons, which was rather unnerving as their eyes lit up fluorescent green in our torches. They ran away when Vern tried to take a picture. We met a couple from ... read more
Route 66
Truck transporting
You need hands...

North America » United States » Virginia » Roanoke August 31st 2005

Lexington to Roanoake We set off on Bike Route 76 towards Roanoake and promptly got lost again, 10 miles later we got back onto our route after a brief detour through some very picturesque (and poor) parts of Virginia. We were chased by dogs at one point, I took off up the road as fast as I could pedal, Vernon just rode along with barking dogs around him, they weren't vicious (probably just wanted some toes to lick). After lunch the weather deteriorated and we had to use our waterproofs, in the current temperatures it's a toss up between how wet you get from the rain and how damp you get sweating in a plastic coat; although the Goretex does seem to work fairly well. We reached Roanoke around 6pm after 58 miles of pedaling and ... read more

North America August 25th 2005

I've already lost count of the days! Stafford to Fredericksburg It was absolutely tipping down when we woke up, so we hung around at the motel writing up the blog and generally hoping the rain would stop - it didn't. At 11 am we got on the bikes and set off to Fredericksburg in a downpour. More traffic on route 1 but we got there without incident and sat outside a cafe dripping gently on the floor. We decided to stay the night as the weather was looking set in for the day and headed downtown to the visitor centre to arrange something. The nice man at the centre pointed us to the Richard Johnston Inn across the road and kept an eye on the bikes while we checked in. When we went back for the ... read more
Blue Ridge Mountains

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