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This will be a fairly simple (and boring) entry until we get the hang of this blogging lark. Day 1, Heathrow All is going well, we made it through the traffic to Terminal 3 with hours to spare; then the fun began, my left pedal wasn't coming off, not for anybody, many people offered advice - "You're tightening it, you need to go the other way " mainly, a small group of children enjoyed the show (bending spanners with Uncle Vernon), unitl we gave up and wrapped it in a sarong and lots of gaffer tape. The check in queue was supremely sloooooow, we ran to the gate and got there with oooh minutes (2 of them) to spare. Our gaffer tape was confiscated and much discussion was had over our h*lm*ts, but they were allowed ... read more
The Ducks of Eternal Vigilance
The WWII Memorial and the Washington Memorial

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