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30th October 2011
The big cane toad, Sarina

Toad was built by local Sarina families.
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23rd August 2011

Hi from Denmark
Hi Roland, we've not done that well, we got into China via a mix of train and plane and bike but then had to return home because Clare's right knee blew apart rather spectacularly (she couldn't climb stairs without swearing violently so cycling was right out of the question). We are now on our solos in northern Europe having a grand time, we rode through your country about a month ago - thoroughly enjoyed it! We're taking our time, looking at stuff and staying away from home! Cheers, C&V
21st August 2011

How ya goin' mate? Roland here (Esperance YHA, downunder). You guys have come a long way since we met! I'll have some reading to do to catch up on your travel adventures. Hope you're doing well.
3rd June 2011

Just thinking about you both
Well we finally managed to find your blog. Good on you both and hope that you are still travelling well!!!! We have told lots of guests about both and all agree that you need to make a dvd of your travels. Bon voyage.
15th April 2011

Mother's day
Oooops, belated happy mother's day mums Cheers, Clare and Vernon.
3rd April 2011

Tea and cake
Hi you two, Just caught up with your Evendale blog - we're at mum's having tea and cake - it being mother's day! Hope you enjoyed Tasmania - we loved it there, more like NZ than OZ. Keep out the ditches. Kevin, Priska and Mum.
28th March 2011

jee thanks Clare and Vernon!
Well, this is one page I wont be showing Felix!! S x
17th February 2011

Holiday in NZ
We had a great time there despite the weather, one cyclone the day after we arrived and one two days before we left!! The medical stuff is, sadly, due to being a mid-forties female but is nothing life threatening and a short course of drugs should sort it. I will catch up with the blog one day, stuff keeps getting in the way! Cheers, C.
15th February 2011

Holiday in NZ
Caught up with your blog, heard you had paid a visit to Jack's Bay. Hope all is well and the 'annoying medical issue' is nothing serious. Very jealous that you got down to Coromandel Peninsula - nice part of the world. Look forward to the next update soon.
14th January 2011

...occasional cycling!
'Ow do skinny, we're managing 100km on a good day and when the heat is too much we manage bugger all. We always knew that riding the whole thing wasn't likely to happen but we blew a lot of time in WA just stopping to look at stuff and faffing around. Of course we should have ridden all the way to Kalgoorlie and on solos we may well would have done but the road trains coupled with not having any control absolutely terrified me. Standing at the side of the road shaking and crying uncontrollably isn't good for anything! And yeah, we're still fat, need to get out on the bike more!! Cheers, C&V.
13th January 2011

Hello my fat friends! Clearly this is fast becoming a travel with a bike rather than on one. Whilst it is easy to laugh at your feeble efforts to ride any meaningfull distances, cope with the heat, road trains or size of the task you set out for yourself, I remain slightly jealous and wholely enjoy reading your blog. During my ride across the deserts in Oz I would often wake at 4am as the sun rose at 7.30 I'd then ride 160+km at 26kph without stopping due to the flies. At least your having a ball sight seeing. I took the Ghan back from Darwin, a great experience! Best of luck x
26th December 2010

Merry Pagan Midwinter Festival
Or something like that. I hope you've worked-up an appetite for your crimbo din-dins!
20th December 2010

I am easily confused! Have enjoyed getting up to date with your posts and remembering the tea shops along that coast. If your still in Albany try visiting 'The Earl of Spencer'(?) - good pub if i remember correctly. If you get a nice day Elephant pools is a nice spot for a day on the beach - and no flies! Happy travels. K&P
8th December 2010

Reply to Kevin:
Bit confused by this, you should be able to see three entries at the moment, hopefully we'll actually be up-to-date later today. Anyway beer is necessary it aids loquaciousness. Cheers, C
6th December 2010

90 mile straight
Hope you enjoyed/are enjoying Western Australia? Just the one blog entry in the last month - less beer and more typing! Keep pedalling.
3rd December 2010

We've got rain!
Hi folks, Southsea sounds great fun at the moment. It's raining here and has been for two days now - how sad is that? Love C & V
2nd December 2010

It's Snowing in Southsea!
Hi Clare & Vernon, we are enjoying your blog & photos lots - brings back memories from 7 years ago when we were in that neck of the woods travelling around with Lawrie in a camper van. I nearly strangled Lawrie over his navigating skills (or lack of them) whilst trying to negotiate the freeway out of Perth! Ah, the memories......The worst winds we experienced were are on the south coast in Esperance and Albany but fantastic coastline made up for it. Hope the Aussie summer improves for you very soon. Hey, we've got 6 inches of snow outside and temp is -4 deg.C! Gatwick is closed, most trains aren't running, schools are shut and people are buying up large quantities of bread and milk - the usual panic when a couple of snowflakes come our way! Apparently it's worst than the January snow (which we missed as we were in India). Had a brilliant snowball fight coming home from The Flo with Pip, Graham and Lawrie - when we got home we had white hair and snow in our coat pockets! I LOVE SNOW! Today I was feeling festive so I put the Christmas tree up.......well, it is the 2nd December......and we are off on our hols on 28th. Anyway, have a wonderful trip and look forward to your future blogs, Love Claire and Steve xx
28th November 2010

Thanks guys, my bday was spent letting other people drive us around in a tram and on a boat before drinking way too much wine and arranging another night here so we didn't have to ride anywhere the following morning :) Cheers, love C & V.
27th November 2010

Good Start
Hope all is still going well and that Clare had good B'day. All the best, Love SSF
23rd November 2010

stoner food man lol glad everything is going well have fun and be safe Ivan
7th September 2006

Horray ready for check in weekend!!! ha ha, sorry to hear about your problem hopefully see you soon love jackie and steph x
5th September 2006

Welcome Home
Very sorry to hear of the latest medical problem messing up yor plans. Welcome home from everyone in the CTC
4th September 2006

welcome home
I last read your blog just before a 3 week holiday in Canada - you were in Australia then!!! Hope things are OK, Portsmouth is prepared for a Clare and Vern visitation - soon!!!? Michelle says hello as well!
22nd August 2006

thank you
Wow, thank you auntie clare and uncle vern, what a cool digger! hope to see you soon. love from felix xx
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