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23rd May 2008

Wish I'd realized sooner you were going to be in Edmonton. That's where my brother Dave and his wife live. If you're going back down through BC, let me know. I've got family from almost one end to the other, LOL Have a great time and stay dry, :)
21st May 2008

Beautiful pictures
hey chickie... thank you for including me in your blog... you take the most incredible pictures.. .thank you for sharing.
21st May 2008

Your trip
Have a wonderful trip! We are excited for you. I will enjoy you blogs.
19th May 2008

Love the tent idea!!
Sounds like you guys are having a great time back on the road!! It was last fall that Peter and I did the western trip. Smart idea to take just the van and the tent looks great. Similar space as we have in our Pleasureway!! I am enjoying your blog and will have to include you in on our fall trip to Nova Scotia. Enjoy!! Karen
14th May 2008

Have a great trip. Hope it is NOT raining when you get there!
2nd May 2008

We envy you......
Have a great time and enjoy western ND where I am from...stop and see Medora.
30th April 2008

Have a great trip
We know you're excited. See you in Prince Rupert. Be safe, Bill and Nadine
11th September 2007

aggressive rangers
I've been to Yosemite 4 times. Very true, for first timers it can be a little disorienting until you actually explore and find out where everything is. We brought our bikes which is probably the best way to get around. There is a rental shop in Curry Village and somewhere down in the middle of the valley. I don't know how to get to that one by car we rode by on bikes.
30th August 2007

Again, beautiful photos! I was last at Glacier many, many years ago and need to go back. Great animal photos as well.
18th August 2007

Your Trip
Following you closely - keep going - this is neat - love the pictures
15th August 2007

Forget something?
You forgot the girls!!!
19th July 2007

Your trip
Want to add two navigators to your trip? They are little and don't eat much. I am looking forward to sharing your adventures with the girlies.

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