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8th January 2014

Thanks, Butch/Kay for sharing this amazing trip with all of us. Makes me want to go back. What a wonderful, special experience!
6th January 2014

Have enjoyed seeing all the photos -- would have love to have seen all these places in person.
2nd January 2014

Wish I was with you!!!
31st December 2013

Looks cold out there! Is Trey helping with the tour? Have a wonderful New Year! Thanks for blogging about your trip and all the photos!
30th December 2013
the view from Mt. Carmel

In Awe
I am in awe and I'm not even there! Keep the pictures coming.
30th December 2013

Exciting stuff!
Looks like y'all made it over there alright. Be safe and have tons of fun! And keep us posted here along the way.
29th December 2013

Thanks for keeping in the know...
Someone commented today at 1st Pres about a 14 hour plane ride. Looking forward to hearing more as the days pass.
29th December 2013

I'll be traveling right along with you via Facebook. Would love to actually be there but you are in great hands. Mike is a WONDERFUL guide. I'll never forget how I felt when my feet touched the ground in the Holy Land for the very first time to know my Lord actually walked on that very same ground.
18th February 2013
the old Kilgore Ceramics plant

I am wondering if any of you could tell me about the tile I have in a house we are trying to buy. The house was built in 1949 and I have been told the tile is from Kilgore ceramics. One of the colors is a light blue and the other is a light pink. I want to keep this part of history in this house, but would like to know what the true names were and if I can get more if the contractor should damage any when we remodel. The house is in Henderson, Tx. I realize you did not work there, but maybe you could lead me in the right direction to get a little more history on these tiles.
3rd June 2011

Glad you enjoyed Nacogdoches! I spent my college years there and really liked the small town, though the humidity can be unbearable some summer days.
1st June 2011

blue bell jokes
like the swallows of capistrano, so some to their beloved blue bell. i recently ate some cookies 'n' cream ice cream and thought of dad. hope you all are having fun.
30th May 2011

What a great Birthday surprise!
I look forward to keeping up with you two! Have a great trip.
10th November 2010

San Ignacio Mini
So, I assume this is NOT the mission used in The Mission? Looks like an expansive layout.....love the red clay facade/entryway. I suppose you will be leaving today. Be safe. I'm an so glad you two were able to go and hope you had the time of your life!
8th November 2010

WOW! Beautiful pictures. Sounds like you have had a wonderful trip.
7th November 2010

The Mission
Butch & Kay, I am envious of all your travels in Argentina and Uraguay. It looks like y'all are having the time of your lives......well deserved. The Mission is one of my faves.....I've seen it 3 or 4 times. Be safe!
3rd November 2010

I like the hat, it reminds me of one that Dad had.
3rd November 2010

Looks like a beautiful place to go.
3rd November 2010

WOW, I love the artwork (Frescos).
2nd November 2010

Who or what is Webb's rooftop?
1st November 2010

Magnolia Tree
Your daily log and pictures are great. I love the picture of the Magnolia tree. Do all of their Magnolia trees have exposed roots like that? Sounds like y'all are taking it all in....great trip!
1st November 2010

Trick or Treat!
We missed you at our small group this afternoon. Looks like you're have a great time. Loved the Magnolia tree and the fountain -- and all your photos. Pizza in Agentina???
1st November 2010

Looking good
Butch and Kay, The pictures are beautiful. We know you are having a great time. Enjoy, be safe, and keep the blog coming. God bless, David and Martha
31st October 2010

Like You
I'm like you, Butch. I would have waited by the entrance too, not to mention I may not have fit through those small tunnels....lol. I had to read your 4-day blog cause I've been busy, but plan on keeping up with it now. That plane flight over the mountains made me too flasback to a movie about the soccer players. You and Kay would have been their 'rocks' for survival. The pictures are great, keep it up.
29th October 2010

Living Vicariously Thru The Gerfers!
I am thrilled to get to follow your trip to Argentina. I am so sorry that I missed the reunion. Emery spent all last week in Seton Hospital and still isn't doing very well. So we are staying pretty close to home right now. Your blog will be something that I will look forward to seeing in my inbox. Have a wonderful time and stay safe. Go with God...might as well because HE always goes with you!
28th October 2010

Glad you made it just fine! We look forward to your blogs. Give our best to Trey and Andrew.

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