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North America » United States » Wyoming » Kemmerer July 22nd 2017

Our primary reason for stopping in Salt Lake City was to visit with friends, some of whom we haven’t seen for a long time. Antonio’s friend Marlena was an exchange student in Costa Rica 20 years ago and now lives in Wyoming. Although she and her daughters were willing to drive 5 hours each way to meet us, we opted to meet them part way. I perused the map to find a suitable town around the midpoint and was surprised to see that Wyoming appears, essentially unpopulated. It turns out the entire State comprises only 585,000 people in 97,818 square miles. The drive confirms what the map appeared to be saying, there ain’t nobody here. We settle on a town named Kemmerer and decide to meet at Fossil Butte National Monument just outside of town. We ... read more
Fossil Buttes Sign
Marlena and Family

North America » United States » Utah » Taylorsville July 21st 2017

The morning holds a few dark clouds so I purchase a tarp to wrap our extension of suitcases. Although I’m getting a little more practiced in ratcheting together the rear bundle, it’s becoming a definite chore. I wish we had thought a little more carefully about how much luggage was likely to fit into the car. The morning is cool and the air smells slightly of ozone and fresh pine. We backtrack along 20, still beautiful and traffic is light. We turn south onto I-15 towards Idaho Falls and our eventual destination of Salt Lake City. The drive is pleasant enough, the mountains slide into high desert; the hills on either side brown and irrigated farmland is a stark green contrast in the valleys between them. We cross into Utah and the mountain range to the ... read more
Welcome to Utah
Salt Lake City Skyline
Temple Square

I’ve never understood why it’s common practice to compare everything to Switzerland, but let me tell you, Grand Tetons is the Switzerland of Wyoming! We had initially planned to spend another day in Yellowstone and then visit Grand Teton on Wednesday on our way through to Salt Lake City, but upon reviewing the map we thought that might be too much to take on. So after an early morning breakfast at the Running Bear (another successful Yelp discovery), we set off. The shortest way to the Grand Teton National Park is south through Yellowstone, so we backtracked on our route from yesterday. I quickly realize that I am becoming jaded to the splendors surrounding us, perhaps my brain is on overload. We pass some waterfalls which at any other time would have resulted in a definite ... read more
First glimpse of the Tetons
111111 Mileage
Picnic Time

First things first, yes I am combining 2 days into one! I've been writing each blog the following day, but I'm finding it hard to keep track as there is so much to take in. I was surprised to figure out that it was just yesterday that we left Twin Falls, it feels like that was several days ago. So in part for the sake of writing while the recollections are fresh, and in part because the drive across Idaho was a little blah (no offense Idahoans, you grow some fantastic potatoes), you are getting 2 days combined into one. My intention will be to write up each day in the evening from now on. Ok so the drive from Twin Falls was uneventful. Impressed by the 80mph speed limits on the interstate, California should take ... read more
Yellowstone Canyon
Animal Sanctuary

North America » United States » Idaho » Twin Falls July 17th 2017

Today was one of the longest drives we will have on the trip. Over 500 miles and almost 8 hours is enough to wear on anybody's nerves, but add a 4 and 5 year old into the mix and well..... things escalate. We have been limiting their exposure recently to ipads and TV which overall has been a very positive experience, but four hours into our eight hour odyssey and I caved. Out came the laptop, Bluetooth audio to the car speakers, fade them to rear, add a couple of towels on the back windows and boom! We were in movie theatre mode. Although Antonio initially resisted the plan, he quickly agreed that listening to the soundtrack of Angry Birds was a small price to pay for the relative peace that ensued. It seems that you ... read more
Dust Devils
Shoshone Falls 2
Infinite Freeway

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno July 15th 2017

Although we have taken this drive many times, It felt a little different today. Perhaps reflective of my mood, bittersweet, a little poignant. Knowing that I am leaving the State that I have called home for the past 27 years makes me want to remember every detail as we drive. San Francisco, as majestic as always with it's mixture of old and new architecture. I lived there for 7 years but the City feels alien to me now. It seems that the skyline is never satisfied with its appearance no matter how beautiful, and new structures reach like fingers ever higher into the sky. Traffic is relatively light for the Bay and we are on the Bay Bridge without much waiting. The kids seem unimpressed with my explanations of cable-stay versus suspension bridges but I'm sure ... read more
Bay Bridge
Sierra Nevada
Donner Lake

INTRODUCTION (It's all come down to this). Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stephen and you are about to accompany me on a number of firsts, (assuming you choose to continue reading). This is my first Blog, my first foray into writing, my first cross country road trip, and my first time moving back to the U.K. My traveling companions on this adventure are my delightful Husband Antonio, and our two mostly delightful children AJ and Graciela (5 and 4 years old). I say mostly because we are only two hours into the trip and about 5 minutes into our first meltdown. This one belongs to Gracie, but I'm sure before this is all over we will all be able to lay claim to a few of our own. I'll start you off with ... read more

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