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Asia » Vietnam » Southeast August 3rd 2018

Friday was our last day in Cao Lahn. We started the day by going to visit the families for a dedication ceremony. This was when we officially handed off the project to the home-owners. We thanked them for the opportunity. The families thanked us for our support. We heard that at other builds this ceremony was emotional; however, we had not developed much of a connection with our family. The guys who supplied the brick came and wanted pictures with Brad. We had a final lunch at the government building before checking out at the hotel and doing some cultural activities. The cultural activities were a disappointment. We made a stop at a basket making facility which resembled a lumber yard. There did not seem to be any pre-planned programing for us. We watched the ladies ... read more
Night Market with Max
Bahn Mi Shop

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Dong Thap July 30th 2018

The next four days of work were pretty similar. The groups worked hard, ate mediocre food, and had quiet nights. Monday: On the first build day, both teams worked on their concrete slabs. Site two dry-mixed sand and cement and spread the combination on the foundation then wet it with a hose. This method was not conventional and will likely lead to a sub-standard floor. Our site spent the entire day mixing and pouring concrete. Each batch of concrete contained 8 five-gallon buckets of stone, 5 buckets of sand, 1 sack of cement, and water. We dry-mixed the sand and cement before adding the stone. Next, we added water and hand-mixed on the ground with shovels. This process was physically demanding. Brad struggled to mix with the short-handled shovels and resorted to filling and moving buckets ... read more
Habitat Family
Kristy at Site 1
Brad Mixing Concrete

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Dong Thap July 29th 2018

We departed the Alagon fairly early Sunday morning and headed Southwest to Cao Lahn. The whole team loaded into one bus and hit the road on a four-hour journey. During the trip Kristy chatted with our build crew while Brad wrote several blog posts. We arrived at our hotel, the url= Sen Hotel, in the early afternoon. We had lunch at the hotel and sat through a safety and mission presentation. During the presentation, we learned about the two families we were helping and that our build was a test-build for a larger effort scheduled for November. After the presentation, we loaded onto smaller vans and headed to the village. Before heading to the build sites, the group stopped by the local gove... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City July 28th 2018

We had an early flight out of Hanoi to Saigon and left the hotel at 6:30. Our flight was operated by url= which great reviews does not have; however, our experience was okay, granted, we had low expectations for the 2-hour journey. We touched down in Saigon with mostly sunny skies. The hotel (url= Central Hotel ) stay was organized through Habitat for Humanity. The hotel had a driver waiting for us. The hotel was a 30-minute drive from the airport. We checked-in with the front desk but our room was not ready for us. We needed to kill about two hours before getting into our ro... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta July 25th 2018

We caught our transfer to our Halong Bay cruise early the next morning. Bhaya, our cruise operator, offers a free shuttle to their port. The journey was only about 100 miles; however, because Vietnam does not have a strong highway system, the trip took approximately 4 hours. Along the way, we observed some of the most haphazard traffic patterns we’ve seen anywhere in the world. Incredibly, there seem to be few collisions as motorists are conditioned to expect the unexpected and react accordingly. We were greeted with mint towels, iced tea, and snacks once we reached the port. Once the Au Co was sea-ready, we boarded. We had agreed to be upgraded from our scheduled cruise to their more luxury line, but not before negotiat... read more
Kristy and Brad on the Sundeck
Kristy on the ship
Kristy and Brad Boarding

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi July 24th 2018

Today we left Thailand and headed to Vietnam. Our flight out of Phuket was not until 1:30 so we leisurely ate breakfast at a nearby café before taking a taxi to the airport. Once at the airport,p we made use of our Priority Pass Lounge access and scarfed down the meager offerings available at the Phuket airport. We connected through Bangkok and again used our lounge access. The Miracle loungein Bangkok was very good. They had green curry, Brad’s favorite, and Leo beer, our favorite. We cooled our heels at the lounge for as long as we could before we boarded our flight. We touched down in Hanoi and cleared customs with our pre-arranged work visas (Habitat for Humanity required us to get a work visa). We exchanged a few USD for Dong and purchased data ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket July 23rd 2018

With sunny weather in the forecast, we planned to spend the bulk of the next two days on the beach. We picked url= Beach for a Sunday Funday and url= Harm Beachfor a more laid-back Monday. We packed a six-pack of Leo and headed for Patong. We grabbed lunch near the shore and picked up some beer coozies at a convenience store. The sun was sizzling, so we sought a shady spot to sit and sip our suds. We spent the day switching between the surf and our refreshing beverages. Eventually, we started ordering Leo beers from a vendor. Brad put his newly minted MBA skills to work and ... read more
Kristy at Nai Harm
Kristy and Brad at Chalong Bay Rum
Kristy and Brad at Surface 1

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand July 21st 2018

We had an active day planned for today. Tigers, monkeys, optical illusions: what else could anyone want? We took a GrabCar to Tiger Kingdom which was about a 20-minute ride from our hotel. The park is in an odd location; sandwiched between a strip of typical Thai shops and a go-cart track. We had to decide on which package to purchase. The tiger is one of Brad’s favorite animals and he naturally wanted to see each cat. Kristy, being more austere, convincingly persuaded Brad to get the “Take One – Big Cat” package. Tigers were classified as smallest, small, medium, big, and El Tigre according to size/age. Before going into a cage to play with the tigers, we walked around to see all the felines. There were roughly twenty cats on the property. The large males ... read more
Kristy and Brad at Tiger Kingdom 2
Brad with Monkey
Kristy with Monkey

Asia » Thailand July 20th 2018

We were traveling to our next city, Phuket Town, and decided to make the voyage by sea rather than by bus. Our plan was to take a boat from Ao Nang to Koh Phi Phi then another boat from Koh Phi Phi to Phuket. Our first leg of the journey on url= Ferry left the port at 9:30; however, our ground transport picked us up at 8:30. We boarded our boat (ship would be generous) and headed out to sea. Getting out of the harbor was an arduous ordeal. The surf was quite strong that day and boat was breaching as we traversed the coast to pick up more passengers at Railey Beach. Passengers were ferried out on long-tail... read more
Kristy and Brad Before Princess Ferry
Kristy and Brad on Wave Master
Kristy at Koh Phi Phi

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Krabi July 19th 2018

The sun finally arrived on our honeymoon! We hurried out of bed to take advantage of the clear morning, unknowing if the storm clouds would move back in. Kristy got a banana and chocolate pancake breakfast while we walked between two beaches. We settled into a spot on url= Nang beach. It was hot, sunny, and breezy; a perfect day for the beach. We laid out for a while then tested the surf. The water was warm but still refreshing. After soaking up as many rays as we could, we ascended some beachside stairs to the url= Company restaurant. We each had shrimp and Chang/ur... read more
Kristy Jumping Waves
Kristy at Long Tail2
Kristy at Ao Nang

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