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4th January 2011

Thanks for posting!
Thanks for posting these pictures David, looks like you all had a good day out!
From Blog: Durham - Day 1
13th December 2010

cottage name
Would you mind sharing the name of the B&B in Rome and the cottage you are currently staying in? I am enjoying reading your holiday report
From Blog: Hastings - Day 3
8th December 2010

Looks like a beautiful place. I would like to note that Eileen looks like she is getting a little over all these photo's being taken of her. Katie on the other hand is still very much in her element.
From Blog: Hastings - Day 1
8th December 2010

Jacket and Beanie
Hey David - you are looking pretty spunky in the jacket and beanie I think!!!!!!!!!
From Blog: Bruges - Day 2
8th December 2010

Isabel should be impressed to know that I actually bought that green hat in Montmartre ;)
From Blog: Paris - Day 3
6th December 2010

happy birthday
hey ei hope youve had a great birthday and are having a an awesome holiday,its been good to catch up on your adventures and we are looking forward to seeing you. take care and keep having fun pete,em and ab
From Blog: Bruges - Day 2
6th December 2010

Remember Eileen, all these chocolate shops are dangerous........... But gee, the snow must be great! Imogen is desperate to see snow even more now having seen Katie in the snow.
From Blog: Bruges - Day 1
6th December 2010

Holiday Snaps
Aaahhhhh - so great to see the photo's. Love the blogs but the photo's are what make it so great....... Keep having fun.
From Blog: Paris - Day 1
4th December 2010

Happy Birthday Eileen
Happy Birthday Eileen, loving the blogs and happy to see you are 'enjoying' !!! the snow.... So much for the global warming theory.... hope you have a great day - wherever you are at present? Can't wait to hear/see the blog from Paris and it's minus degree temperatures !!!!! Frostbite 101 in academic terms. Don't worry though, apparently it has warmed up to freezing in England when you get there. Tell Dave if it gets any colder he can probably drive across the English Channel on the ice - it will save you heaps on Ferry fares !!! Thinking of you. Love Helen & Kevin
3rd December 2010

scotland cottage
Great pictures..I want to be on this place...
2nd December 2010

Love the Blog
Hi Guys Love the blog, wish I was there with you. The pictures are great and we love it when Matt and Dan get on line together and have a chat. Your not missing much here, its warm but has been raining torrentially for four days straight and the forecast is for more to come! Not a very good cricket season for Matt! 2nd last week of school and he still has homework can you believe it? Take care and buy a map book! Toss the Tom Tom. Tracey
30th November 2010

we are jealous
hi guy, looks likes your having a great time. its been interesting catching up on your updates so keep us posted.your missing out on heaps of rain here i know you'll be dissapointed about that.any keep enjoying yourselves and take care
29th November 2010

Having Fun?
Just looked up your hotel where you are staying. Using google maps and satellite - makes us feel we are just around the corner from you (I WISH). Good to see you bought gloves and umbrella's - you are going to need them in snow blanketed London. Feeling very melancholy as we watch your travels. Even if you don't have photo's - keep up the location notes and we can follow along on the internet. Have a good Birthday this week Eileen - and keep blogging. Love
29th November 2010

Sounds great
Hi There, I have just found your blog. My husband and I are going to Italy next year staying 2 weeks in Arezzo and 2 weeks in Masa Lubrense on the coast near Sorrento. I was wondering what you are using to update your blog? Are you carrying a laptop or Ipad or some such. We used travelblog when we did a caravan trip around Australia in 2006 but did all our entries on a laptop using a wireless connection. How long are you in Europe for and I guess you are getting some really cold weather by now. Enjoying reading about your travels and the photos so far have been great. Can't wait to get there ourselves. Cheers Stubbseys
27th November 2010

Siena - Day 2
WOW! What more can I say!
From Blog: Tuscany - Day 2
24th November 2010

Nice Car
Hello Bodey's. Just checking out the hot looking car you are driving - NOICE! Glad to hear Rome was a hit - got your text about Florence - hope you had a great time there. Funny about Siena - yes it is a bit of fun trying to find parking there isn't it. Kids love hearing about your travels (though I think David and I are the most excited). Keep bloging. Love Us. XXX
22nd November 2010
Dubai Airport

A wonderful family!
Hello, I am Maria's B & B in Rome, excuse my English ... I'm happy to let everyone know this: I never had as guests of the children so polite and nice! Long live their parents!
From Blog: Heading out
22nd November 2010

hi guys, sounds like your having a great time. i'm expecting a big jar of nutella sent over for abby. looking forward to your next entry. love pete,em and abby
21st November 2010

I warned you about the nutella didn't I?!! haha And also pretty sure I warned you NOT to drive within the city walls of Siena. Feeling a little nostalgic for my Dante Alighieri language school now :( Such beautiful afternoons eating pizza and fritelle (cinnamon donut balls) on the piazza. Restaurant not to miss: Osteria della Chiacchiera. Just google it for address and directions... A-mazing. We spent several long evenings there sipping away at the vino della casa!! "un litro" haha. Don't miss the museum opposite the cathedral in the centre (old hospital.. underground sections - very interesting). You'll start to notice a lot of pinocchio merchandise also! Siena has a really great range of those old vintage style calendars so if your planning on buying one.. here's your chance. Sounds like ur aving a great time anyways and glad to hear the car trip was ok Love Laura xx
20th November 2010

The Dodgey Bodgey Holiday (aka Griswalds European Vacation)
Although we've sent you a little "private" comment - just wanted to know where all the info is on what you are eating, what the people are like etc etc. Please - the kids can't handle any more shots of exposed statues! I'm tired of explaining it all to them! Luckily David is a PE Teacher - he's good at stuff like that!!!
From Blog: Rome - Day 5
20th November 2010

So Rome all in all??
Good to hear all's going well.I'm pretty sure you're in Tuscany now - as long as the driving didn't get the better of you. xxx
From Blog: Rome - Day 4
20th November 2010

Cio Bodey's, It looks like you are all having such a great time. The blog site is a great idea. Today is our first day of real sunshine ... so you have not missed out on any nice weather. In fact you probably had nicer weather than us. I have now finished HSC marking and I am starting to feel like a normal person. Looking at all your photographs has definitely made me want to join you ... only in Italy though, not too sure I could handle the cold weather in England. Keep blogging Love Helen and Kevin
From Blog: Rome - Day 3
19th November 2010

The Dodgey Bodgey Holiday (aka Griswalds European Vacation)
We are having fun reading about your travels. The kids love the photos and thought the photo of the naked man with penis on show was funny (as you can imagine). David, I know why Eileen was hesitant now about the computer however, tell her we love your obsession and want you to keep up the comical commentary! Imogen would like Katie to know that she used her textas at school however, given she is Katie's best friend, she didn't think Katie would mind. Eliza would like to tell Isabel that she misses her and wishes she were here so she could play with Isabel instead of her friends that keep fighting at school. Morgan would like to say something to Daniel however, he is too busy biting his nails to think of something to say. No wait - he's decided to tell Daniel he loves him and would like to give him a kiss. It's Friday night here and looks like we are all off the athletics together as I've lost my drinking buddy. Janet filled in last night for Eileen however, without the mushrooms it just doesn't feel the same. Keep the blogs going -doesn't feel like you are so far away when we get to see the photo's. It does however, make us green with envy! Have fun on the roads and remember, if you don't fight about David's driving, it won't be a REAL FAMILY HOLIDAY! xxxxxx
From Blog: Rome - Day 3
18th November 2010

Having a good time?
Well Well, Hope you are having a good time. I should have done this for the South Korea trip we just went on. Enjoy yourselves.
18th November 2010

watching you
Hi All, Love reading and viewing your blog .. love you lots Mum
From Blog: Trip overview

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