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Bas en Jura

Welcome to our blog. We are Bas and Jura from the Netherlands. We took six months off to travel trough South America by car.

We will sell our Jeep Cherokee 1997 at the end of may in Rio the Janeiro, Brasil.
If you are interested in buying a well maintained car for a nice trip at a good price, just sent a message!

South America » Brazil » Pantanal May 13th 2010

Brazil here we come! We could immediately feel that we were back in Brazil, the people were very friendly and in for a joke. People like to talk to you and when you ask the way they seem to tell their whole life story. Which we off course can not understand! The people respond in a different way, more relaxt and less reserved than in Bolivia and Chile. We went to the Pantanal, which is a huge wetland with a great biodiversity. From Corumba we drove to the north east along a dirt road with many little wooden bridges. Only a small part of the Pantanal is accessible by this road. We saw many alligators, toucan’s, Parrot’s, capybara’s and a group of arara’s azul. The Arara’s are supposed to be very expensive on the black market ... read more
waterlelies in de Pant anal
vogel met aparte naam
vogeltje in de pantanal

After visiting the railroad graveyard we drove to Potosi. It is the highest city in the world and there is a huge silver mine were since the beginning of 1900 over two million people died. There were organised mine tours, but not on Sunday! We checked out some pictures in the travel agency, after that we thought we just have to watch the movie and safe our lungs and life. The movie, “der teufelsberg” in german, gives an impression of the life of a 12 year old boy that works in the mine for three years. It was worth watching. Potosi was once the richest city in south America, but the miners nowadays only earn 3-4 euro’s a day. The road to Potosi is very beautiful and paved. Everywhere you see colourful Bolivians and lama’s with ... read more
Uyuni en Salar op de achtergrond
Boliviaans wegen net
mini-IMG 4511

South America » Argentina » Salta April 18th 2010

In Salta we contacted two friends, Leander and Soumaya from Rotterdam who are also travelling in South America. They started their trip at the beginning of April, they travel by bus all around the continent. After calling we found out they were in Mendoza. We thought it would be nice to meet each other in Salta, so we stayed a few days longer and they adjusted their plan and took the night bus (it took 24 hours!). While waiting for our friends we went horse riding at a little ranch close to Salta. We went over there in the afternoon so we could have lunch. The owner, Enrique, supplied us with big steaks and a vegetarian meal for Jura. He told us that he ate at least a pound of meat a day, for the last ... read more
Paardrijden bij Enrique
Jura ging keihard met haar paard!

South America » Argentina » Salta April 15th 2010

Winding down the road from Paso de San Fransisco to Fiambala was beautiful again. The scenery was constantly changing, different colours and rock formations. It was a ride into the past and the remains of how the earth was created could be witnessed around every corner. While cruising downhill for 250 km on paved road we saw no other cars! In Fiambala there was the first gas station in 500 km. From Fiambala we drove to Tinogasta, there we saw a short cut on our map. It seemed to be a nice ride trough the mountains to Londres, it was twice as short in km… We asked around in town for the shortcut, people responded the road was out of service, it was to dangerous, not accessible. We asked around more till we finally found someone ... read more
route 68
route 68
rotsformaties in zandsteen

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago April 6th 2010

Ciudade de Santiago bamos a Paso San Fransisco. Our Spanish is improving by the day now. We are able to talk in depth to any mechanic about the needs of our car. To be honest we still use our hands and feet a lot when communicating with the locals. In Santiago we visited the statue of the virgin Mary on top of the hill, she is overlooking the city. It was a wonderful experience to be there at sunset. We saw the sun set behind the mountains and the lights of the city switched on. The city became purple and the sky was pink. We had a nice sushi dinner in town, were we became greedy and ordered to much to eat it all. We went to an Inca museum were we saw many pots and ... read more
straatbeeld santiago
dit is de plek waar Santiago is gesticht
mini-IMG 2618

South America » Argentina » Mendoza March 23rd 2010

After the rafting trip in Futelefoeeee we crossed the border into Argentina. We visited the hippie village of El Bolson. We went to the Italian farm, it was supposed to be a hostel run by Italians. After arriving it turned out to be a Israeli kibbutz. It was very cosy, many people sitting together and singing, there was life music. We ate some vegetarian dishes and drank some beers. After dinner we left because it was to noisy to sleep there. Next day we went to Bariloche, a town with a big lake. We had a amazing apartment with Jacuzzi (2x2m) near the lake. We stayed a couple of days, to relax after the bumpy south Chile. The car got a big overhaul, new shock absorbers in the front, brakes in the back and new aluminium ... read more
vallei hoogste berg van ZA
mini-IMG 2415

South America » Chile » Aisén » Carretera Austral March 18th 2010

We started this stage of the trip in Chile Chico at the Argentinean border. A few km down the road on the Chilean side you can take the ferry to the other side of Lago the Buenos Aires. We decided to taken a short cut to the Carreta Austral (routa 7). It was an amazing road that went up high through wonderful mountain ranges and along steep cliffs and beautiful lake's. Along the way we had to drive around big rocks that fell on the road and often the guard rail was ripped to pieces and occasionally we saw land slides that damaged the road. We drove for four hours without seeing any cars! On the routa 7 we drove along the rio baker, the water of this river is green blue turquoise and very beautiful. ... read more
short cut to Routa 7
short cut to Routa 7
short cut to Routa 7

South America » Argentina March 5th 2010

After Eiris left, we slowly went travelling to the north again. After two months driving in one direction, to the south, it was a welcome change. Our first stop in San Juan brought us to a a large ship that was drifted on the shore. Then we headed for Puerto Natales, were Jura had her first decend vegetarian meal in weeks again. She was very happy, so we ate there three times a day. The car needed another round of attention after all the gravel in Terra del Fuego. We had to buy new shock absorbers. We now know all the repuestos in Puorto Natalesand the different shockabsorbers. They did not have the ones we needed, so we made them ourselves! We bought new ones and adapted them to our situation with old ones we bought ... read more
Zeeleeuwen in het Beagle kanaal
Pinguins and Ushuaia lighthouse
Beagle kanaal

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 15th 2010

Jura' s sister Eiris (15) came over for three weeks to join us on our journey from BA to Ushuaia. Jura and I are great fans of the Dutch tv program "puber ruil", so we thought let's get ourselves a puber and see what happens! It was great fun, we were driving and she was sitting in the back seat doing her homework and sleeping a lot. Then we would wake her up to practise her English. He egg, what do you see outside!! We found out that a puber does not like homework a lot, so we had to find other more appealing activities for her. We tried driving the car on dirt roads, diving with sea lions in ice cold water, visiting national parks, swimming with huge waves. Besides that shopping turned out to ... read more
Treehouse Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires

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