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6th March 2014
My tour group having drinks in the beach bar

Wonderful Holiday
Thank you, April, for sharing all your wonderful adventures and super photos with us; for spending the time to "write" such interesting accounts of it all. Enjoy the rest of your time in South America with Frankie Love Nanna x x
From Blog: Galápagos!
28th February 2014

Beer seems to feature quite a lot in this detailed report on the Galapagos !! and the wildlife sounds pretty good too. Love Ali x
From Blog: Galápagos!
28th February 2014

Galapagos envy
Just been catching up on your galapagos trip and looking at the amazing white sandy beaches. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Glad you survived the crazy bus journey! If you get a chance when you're in Cusco I'd recommend searching out Los Ninos hostel in the old town. I know you already have somewhere to stay, but it is a little quiet oasis of tranquility. Ideal for a cool beer and yummy homemade snacks (pancakes etc) in the inner courtyard away from all the hustle and bustle. Looking forward to trhe next exciting installment. love, Fi x
From Blog: Galápagos!
23rd February 2014

Awesome view of the lake and I love the look of your little bunkhouse. Have a fab time in the Galpagos Islands. Lots of love, mum xxxx
23rd February 2014

I have never tried Andino cheese - is it made from goat's milk? but I have eaten empanadas when we were in Argentina - scrummy and you can get sweet and savoury ones. Look forward to hearing about the Galapagos. x
23rd February 2014

Eco friendly hostels
Hi April Glad you have arrived safely in Ecuador - I think you should make a study of eco hostels around the world - we stayed at a superb one in South Island New Zealand called Beaconstone Eco Lodge (again a recommendation from Dunc and Fi). Then you could write a book and never have to work !! Anyway enjoy - lots of love Ali xx
19th February 2014

Ecuador and the lovely Black Sheep Inn
Wow April sounds amazing and I am very envious sat here at my desk on a grey and dreary feb morning in Blighty! I'm really glad that you're having fun at the Black Sheep Inn and think it was worth the trek to get there. I seem to remember those self composting loos being rather nice, as these things go. Michael Palin claimed to have found the best view from a toilet on Tiger Leaping Gorge, but personally I didn't think it compared to the one you're looking at. Can't wait to hear more about your exciting adventures. Lots of love, Fi x
8th July 2012

Hello April, We've really enjoyed reading about your travels and the fanatastic adventures you've had. So looking forward to seeing you on the 21st and giving you a big hug! Love from the Barretts xx
8th July 2012

Can't wait to see you back in dear old blighty, my love. Take care, mummy xxx
24th June 2012

Love it, love it, love it! I am sooo proud of you doing all these exciting things. Hold those memories forever. Love mummy xxx
From Blog: Chilly days!
9th June 2012

Pity the weather wasn't better in Samoa - it does look stunning. Did you get your passport stamped? I don't expect there are too many British people who've been there. Love Mum x
From Blog: Samoa
10th May 2012

Very envious of Sunny Days
Looks like you've developed a wonderful even tan now, despite the champagne rain. Moral of the story - always carry a bin liner in your bag. Love you xxx
From Blog: Sunny Days
27th April 2012

OOOOOOOOooooooo that looks fun
Hi April - looks like you are having the best time, I'm so jealous! Especially of the slidding down rocks and jumping into water adventure. Keep enjoying it and travel safe, love Duncs xxx P.s. Loved the spooky moon photo from earlier
From Blog: Cairns
23rd April 2012

Roam Cambodia - April 2012
Hello April, thank you for being a wonderful roomie through the Roam Cambodia trip, it was a pleasure getting to know you and I look forward to catching up when you get back. I look forward to reading more on your travels as they continue, it certainly makes me smile on a cold, rainy, Monday morning at work:).. Wishing you lots of fun, adventure and sunshine.. and already excited about the Roam Vietnam trip we need to complete:) xxx
From Blog: Sihanoukville
23rd April 2012

Fab to see what a wonderful time you're having. Bet you wonder why you ever felt anxious! It's lovely to see the pix of you in Sydney and at the Three Sisters, know them well. See if you can get a gozleem at the Sydney market (it may only be Sundays, so you may have missed it). But if you can they're the most fantastic turkish 'snack' (like a hot filled flat bread). I've never seen them anywhere else and our aussie friends introduced us to them. I recommend the spinach and feta ones, make sure you put the chilli and lemon on! Take care my lovely xxxx
From Blog: Arrival in Oz
21st April 2012

My wanderlust has been stirred!
Hi April Can't believe how much you're packing in, it all sounds amazing and very memorable. Do they run these tours for old people?! Looking forward to the next instalment. Love Sally x
From Blog: Birthday Blog
22nd April 2012

Yes! My aunt and uncle did one and I know a friend's parents did too. You should book one, it's so much fun!
From Blog: Birthday Blog
17th April 2012

Really enjoyed reading this section - absolutely fascinating mix of history, culture and tradition, as well as your personal expression. Thank you x
From Blog: Roamed Cambodia
17th April 2012

go intrepid traveller!
Lovely to be able to hear all about your travels April. My hubby had such a great time on his trip to Camboia and Vietnam (on a bicycle) and has often said he'd like to take me....I am thinking I should hold him to this, having read all the exciting things you have been seeing and doing! I hope you keep on enjoying your travels. Sue
From Blog: Roamed Cambodia
29th March 2012

have lots of fun and look after yourself
Hey April, wishing you lots of good times and enriching experiences on your travels. I have no idea how these bloggy things work but you seem to have set it up fine, well done!!
From Blog: 12 days to go

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