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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz October 16th 2012

After a great start in Sevilla I was more than ready to head on to my next destination, Cadiz, and explore this old city. I woke up before sunrise (yeah right! Well… early enough though ;)), packed my things and went searching for the train station – according to my map it was meant to be pretty straight forward getting there, so put my map aside and set off… Straight away I regretted taking a bag with me instead of a backpack (back at home it made sense to take a bag as it was much smaller than my backpack, but now with the city still asleep and hardly anyone on the streets and me making all this noise from dragging the wheels on the cobblestoned paths, somehow taking the bag instead of a backpack didn’t ... read more
in Cadiz
Cathedral in Cadiz
sunset in Cadiz

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville October 13th 2012

So there I was… getting ready for my first solo holiday… and surprisingly I was more disorganised than ever!!! I always leave packing for the last moment but taking into account that my flight was leaving at 6.40am and I was only starting to pack at 10pm the night before, there wasn’t going to be much time for sleeping left in between! Also usually I would have found out a couple of things about the place before I left and at least have some kind of idea of what I would like to see and where to go… this time though, no research done before the trip whatsoever! I guess it was just the mixed feeling I had about the whole trip in general – on one hand really looking forward to it (first experience totally ... read more
wedding photo shoot!
in love...
flamenco dancer

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Zakopane July 25th 2012

Waking up to a grey sky wasn’t really a surprise, but watching how heavy it was raining while we were having breakfast was quite disappointing to say the least… It didn’t look too promising but the forecast for the next days was even worse, and we didn’t tick Morskie Oko (the most famous of the Polish lakes in Tatras called The Eye of The Sea) off our list yet (this time), so we decided to give it a try anyway. Full of hopes and armed with raincoats we drove to Łysa Polana. Not really trusting my jacket I bought a rain-poncho just in case also... Better to have too many layers on you than too few, right? Even though Łysa Polana is a bit away from Zakopane (on the border with Slovakia), it’s quite easy to ... read more
beautiful Valley of Five Lakes
at the Great Lake
views on the way

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Zakopane July 24th 2012

After the strenuous walk the day before, we decided to take it easy and chose a light trail through Dolina Chochołowska (Chochołowska Valley) for that day. Before we started our walk, first we drove to Chochołów itself. The village has a population of a bit over than 1000 people and for such a small village it certainly is very unique in its kind. It comprises mostly of the traditional highlanders’ wooden houses, dating back to the XIX century, lined up closely one to another along the main street. These kind of houses inspired Stanislaw Witkiewicz to create the Zakopane style of architecture. One thing that seems to be a bit out of place here is the stone gothic church set in the middle of the village, but besides that all the other buildings are aligned in ... read more
sheep herding...
at Chochołowska Valley
old herder at work

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Zakopane July 23rd 2012

For some strange reason I woke up pretty thirsty that morning… Obviously it didn’t have anything to do with the previous evening… ;) Still after some good portion of scrambled eggs and a strong, BIG coffee for breakfast, I was ready for another day of hiking… We were aiming to reach Giewont (1894m high) that day. It’s probably the most famous mountain of the Polish Tatras – it comprises of three peaks Great Giewont, Long Giewont and Small Giewont. Its silhouette resembles that of a Sleeping Knight – the Long Giewont forming the knight’s torso and Great Giewont his face (the chin, the nose and the eyebrow). Almost from any point in Zakopane you can see a beautiful view of Giewont and easily make out the profile of the sleeping knight. According to a popular legend ... read more
breathtaking views all the way to Kasprowy
the path we took all the way from Giewont
Stunning views all around!

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Zakopane July 22nd 2012

When we arrived at our guesthouse on Saturday evening, there was only 12C outside! What happened to the Polish summer??? I have to say I might have overestimated the weather a bit and quickly scanning through my bag in my head I realised that I might need to buy an extra long sleeve around here somewhere… But then we checked the forecast and it was meant to get better the next day so postponed shopping for now… that’s right, it was MEANT to get better! Ah well… I guess there’s no guarantee with the weather anywhere nowadays… After unpacking (meaning me dumping my bag next to the bed and my parents folding their clothes in the closet), we headed to the centre of Zakopane, Krupówki Street. You can find all sorts of shops here, quite a ... read more
typical houses around
at Polana Strazyska
at Siklawica

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków July 21st 2012

I was really looking forward to spending a week in beautiful Tatras and couldn’t wait to see the familiar peaks overlooking Zakopane, but then I just couldn’t imagine landing in Kraków and not visiting the Old Town even for a while… So with just a few hours to spare, we headed to the centre of Kraków. Wawel Castle beautifully set on the hill along Wisła (Vistula River) is definitely a place worth a visit. Once a royal residence, its chambers are full of treasures – paintings, furniture and all sorts of memorabilia from Renaissance times. But then with little time on our hands, we had to skip a visit to the castle this time and just strolled along the Wisła, and then walking through Planty (best known park in Kraków) we reached Rynek Główny (the Main ... read more
at the Main Market Square
Kosciol Mariacki
in Krakow

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Majorca » Alcudia May 19th 2012

When I was trying to fall asleep on the first night in the hotel, only one thought was flying through my head, it couldn’t be as bad as it seemed right? Or could it? The flight itself wasn’t that bad, although it could’ve been very unpleasant – I really don’t mind the kids on the plane, but the amount of prams we were taking on board was slightly worrying, not to mention a few groups of young, loud guys, having started drinking and partying before we even took off… in this case I was actually happy that we were flying with Ryanair and there were no assigned seats so at least we could choose to sit as far away from the young shouting crowd as possible… If anyone was hoping to sleep on this flight, not ... read more
at the market in Alcudia
beautiful streets of Alcudia
the beach in Alcudia

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin March 17th 2012

Another Paddy’s day in Dublin… Hmmm... Having seen the parade a few years before, I wasn’t exactly too excited to be taking part in this event again this year. Especially that it didn't impress me at all the first time I saw it. All I remember from that parade was being cold and wet (surprise, surprise - it was raining!) and seeing a lot of loud and drunk teenagers everywhere trying to pick a fight. I didn't really see much of the parade itself either cause I wasn't anywhere close to the barriers - I've seen a lot of heads in front of me though ;) One thing I did enjoy about Paddy’s weekend that year was a visit to the Guinness Storehouse. We went there a day before Paddy’s day and it seemed that all ... read more
in Temple Bar
Dame Street
Paddy's 2012

Europe » Czech Republic » Liberec Region » Harrachov January 22nd 2012

Even though my parents were trying to convince me to join them on their yearly skiing trip for quite a while now, somehow I always opted for sun holidays. Living in a country where I am cold most of the time, either due to no sun or never-ending winds, it always seemed like a logical choice. This time though the choice was made for me! Somewhere back in 2011 when we were talking with my family about my sister’s upcoming birthday (and quite a significant one for that matter!), she came up with an idea of a family winter holiday! Let me just start by saying that I haven’t tried any winter sports before, while my parents have been doing cross-country skiing the last few years, and my sister have studied on the Sports Academy and ... read more
view from the hotel
winter in Harrachov
it was snowing a bit!

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