Amy Inglis


Amy Inglis

I just arrived in Alicante and decided to make a travel blog to document the process of me falling in love with Spain.

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alicante May 22nd 2010

Since last entry a lot has happened. On the 12th we went to see the castle of Santa Barbara up on the hill. We took a bus up and walked down. Coming down I saw my first real Spanish old style town and was ecstatic. The first of many adventures among the streets of Alicante. On the 13th I went on my own to explore the hill and the castle and the Old Town. I got a little lost but all for the better. What an amazing afternoon. I no longer had english in my ear and the rain turned to glorious sunshine by the time I reached el cima the top of the mountain. Later that night a few of us met up with the teachers to go to a bar. It was a school ... read more
The view from the Castle
Photo of the scene that I sketched in Alicante

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alicante May 9th 2010

Woke up and wrote Mami an e-mail saying happy Mother's Day. Found La Plaza de Toros where we took pictures of people (Adriana y Laura jumping around in the fountain). The bus driver almost didn't let Laura get on because she was wet... drove for about an hour to a tourist town with a castle. Fue hermosa-it was beautiful (see pictures). I bought an orange dress and was so involved in listening to the spanish speaking shopkeepers that I had to run back to be on time. We drove to the waterfalls (Cascadas) the school had paid for the trip and we hiked up to eat, swim and jump off the falls (illegally of course but hey, Dr. Knudstrupp did it too!). Again, look at the photos. I had an interesting conversation with los profesores about ... read more
Pierson y Laurel
David y David
Photo 6

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