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Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Lake Naivasha March 22nd 2008

After our incredible experience with Lake Nakuru we didn't think we could really do anything at Naivasha that would top it. So we took a relaxing day at the campsite and then went to Elsamere Centre for high tea and snacks. The previous day we spent the afternoon painting a classroom at a school project sponsored by Dragoman. It was nice to help out and we weren't swarmed with children like was the norm in Ethiopia. After Naivasha we drove back through Nairobi and then south to Arusha, Tanzania where we would begin our Serengeti and Ngorongoro experience.... read more
Colobus 1

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Lake Nakuru NP March 19th 2008

More photos, with people pictures for Elizabeth.... read more
Giraffe 1
Fighting zebras

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Lake Nakuru NP March 19th 2008

Lake Nakuru definately turned out to be the best game experience for us so far on this trip. We saw every big animal that the National Park has to offer including the elusive leopard and black rhino (these two within the first 20 minutes of entering the park). Nakuru is a soda lake and hosts thousands of flamingos, storks and pelicans. The colour contrasts provided a beautiful setting. We took 891 pictures between the two of us, so imagine how hard it is to pick a few select ones to put on the website. Especially when we witnessed a leopard hunting and feeding on a pelican, and also drove within a few meters of a pride of lions. We also had a bit of an adventure when our Jeep caught fire. Everyone piled out when we ... read more
Lion 2
Leopard 3

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi March 14th 2008

Yay, we made it to Nairobi! As a sendoff for the group leaving the trip, on our last night we went to Carnivore for meat, meat and more meat! Not as much game meat as we would have hoped but we did have ostrich and crocodile along with the usual beef, chicken, pork, turkey, and lamb. They just keep bringing it until you can't eat any more! Definately the best meal we've had in Africa; and we also paid for it (drinks and dinner cost a total of $80 for the two of us). We might just have to go back there to start the new section off on the right foot! Today we made a trip to the David Sheldick Wildlife Trust where we got to see tons of orphan baby elephants that are being ... read more
Having fun
Little foot

Africa » Kenya March 10th 2008

Hey everyone, We're alive! Sorry it's been so long since the last update. We've been away from 'civilization' for the last 3 weeks. We have posted tons of pictures from the past three weeks since we left Addis Ababa. We're in Nairobi for the next 5 days and will be taking the time to relax and catch up on what's going on in the world. We promise not to flood your inbox with update notices and will only send out this notification, but not for the other entries, so please feel free to go back to previous entries (there are approximately 12 entries and 100 photos). Enjoy! We definately did! Kathie and Jordan... read more
Mount Kenya 3
Mount Kenya 2
Mount Kenya 1

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Samburu NR March 9th 2008

After our game drives in Samburu National Reserve we spent the night camping at a Samburu village. The Samburu Tribe is related to the Masai and like the Masai, they live off their animals only. They don't grow vegetables and they strictly eat meat and drink the milk and blood from the animals. After our experiences with tribes in Ethiopia we were reluctant to visit another village and have another "cultural experience" consisting of photos for money. We were pleasently surprised with exactly the opposite. The Samburu people were such friendly hosts and performed a dance in the evening. They were incredibly helpful and they traded questions with us so that we could exchange information about our different cultures. The next morning they showed us around the village and their market of artwork. Very little hassle, ... read more
Samburu man and hut
Photo 3

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Samburu NR March 8th 2008

After 5 weeks in Ethiopia, we finllay changed countries again and crossed the border into Kenya. As most people are aware, Kenya has been hurt by post election violence over the past several months. Up until a week ago we didn't even know if we'd be able to travel to Kenya. As things stand now the violence has calmed down and there are onging negotiations towards a power sharing agreement between the two major parties. Hopefully they're on the road to recovery. We have seen the problems that this has caused for the Kenyan tourism industry which has dropped by 90% since the elections. At Samburu National Reserve, we had the opportunity to do three game drives and camp in the park with the animals. There are 3 types of animals that we can see here ... read more
Baby mud bath
Giraffe family

Africa » Ethiopia March 4th 2008

We've had 5 flat tires in as many days, and there is no place around to fix them until we get to the border... Have we mentioned that we hear Celine Dion everywhere we go. It seems she is following us around, ahh.... ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia March 2nd 2008

Back to the incredible diversity that Ethiopia has to offer, we moved on from our game drive to see some of the most unique culture. This is the sort of thing that you grow up reading in National Geographic and seeing on the Discovery Channel. Here we saw several intersting tribes and also encountered one of those major moral dilemmas that comes with travel to these sorts of areas. While the people of the Omo valley seem to have maintained a great sense of thier traditions and culture, they majority of them have also grown up with a camera shoved in their faces. Our first visit to one of the tribes (the Hamer people) was relatively tame in terms of photo frenzy, but it was difficult to get anything out of them other than "1 photo, ... read more
Hamer Woman
Young hamer woman
Crazed frenzy

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Arba Minch February 28th 2008

One of the most amazing things that we discovered about Ethiopia on this trip is the incredible variety of culture, scenery, and wildlife that you don't expect when you first think of Ethiopia. We never imagined that we'd be on a game drive in Southern Ethiopia, but here we are seeing loads of zebras and gazelles in a park that you would expect to see in Kenya. It may not have been as exciting for some others, but being our first real experience with Zebras in the wild, we were absolutely thrilled! Some others commented that these were some of the nicest looking zebras that they had seen in Africa. Needless to say, we snapped away several hundred photos...... read more
Two heads!

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