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Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris September 8th 2007

After our fun in the sun in Bermuda, the next stop on our journey is Paris. A 3 hour flight from Bermuda to Toronto followed by a 4 hour stop-over before a 9 hour flight to Paris that stopped in Montreal to fill up the plane. 9 hours on Air Transat no less...but we made it! The last few days have been very busy. Day 1 We arrived in Paris at about noon on Wednesday and lugged our bags onto the train where we travelled into town. From there we transferred to the Metro which dropped us off within a 5 minute walk of our hotel. After checking into our hotel and taking in the the Paris atmosphere, can anyone guess our first stop? McDonalds for a Big Mac! LOL. We were hungry and it was ... read more
Place Concorde
Louvre 1
Louvre 2

North America » Bermuda August 31st 2007

Greetings from Bermuda! Since arriving on Tuesday we've been busy visiting the Crystal Caves, Horseshoe beach, snorkeling at St.Catherines beach, zipping around on scooters, boating, and more snorkeling. Kathie's sister Elizabeth has been a fantastic hostess showing us everything Bermuda has to offer! The weather has been a mix of hot and humid, rainy and humid, and cloudy and humid. It's a bit of an adjustment from the dry Calgary weather. We're slowly working on our tans (although it's so much easier to burn - the sun is so strong here). Kathie's favorite part so far has been the afternoon naps on the beach and feeding the fish at the shipwreck. Jordan's favorite part was floating in the cove at paradise lakes for 2 hours trying to wait out a rain storm. The rain didn't go ... read more
Jordan's scooter ride

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto August 27th 2007

The last few days were filled with mixed emotions as we stressed about planning and preparation, said goodbye to friends and family, and finally realized the excitement that we're actually leaving on our trip. It's one of those things that you plan for so long and all of a sudden our departure date is here! We spent last Wednesday to Friday in St. Paul visiting with Kathie's parents. We went for one last spin on the quads, played with all the new kittens, and finalized insurance and banking info. We also got to have one last visit with Furball who we adopted from Kathie's sister Karyn when she went to Bermuda (Furball is spending the next year in St. Paul). On the way back to Calgary we stopped by Sylvan Lake to have a really nice ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary August 22nd 2007

Planning Here are some of the details to give you a little bit of an idea of all of the planning that was involved for a trip like this and some of the costs that we’ve incurred along the way. Medications/Immunizations Love the Alberta Health Care system, they don’t cover the cost of vaccinations such as Hep A, Hep B, Meningococcus, Typhoid, TD Polio, Tetanus/Diptheria, Yellow fever, Rabies, Dukoral or the Flu vaccine, so in total we’ve spent about $3100 including the cost of the Malaria pills that we’ll be taking for almost the entire year we are gone. We’ve opted to take Larium as our Malaria pill of choice; we did a test run for a couple of weeks in June/July and figured the side effects weren’t too bad. The good thing about Larium, is ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary August 9th 2007

Holy cow, only another 4 days left of work!! The departure date is coming up so quickly…ahhh! We leave on August 27th on our year long adventure to Africa. A lot of people have been asking us questions like: * Where did the idea start? * Why Africa? * A FULL Year? * Where in Africa? * Where is your first stop? * How can you afford to do that? So we thought we’d try and answer your questions as best as we can: Where did the idea start? This is a trip that Kathie dreamed of while she was studying to be an Accountant; it was always one of those dreams for the future. Then Kathie met Jordan shortly after she began working in November 2003, and for some reason the topic of travel kept ... read more

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