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March 19th 2008
Published: March 28th 2008
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Leopard 1Leopard 1Leopard 1

The leopard's camouflage is incredible. No wonder it's the most difficult animal to spot.
Lake Nakuru definately turned out to be the best game experience for us so far on this trip. We saw every big animal that the National Park has to offer including the elusive leopard and black rhino (these two within the first 20 minutes of entering the park).

Nakuru is a soda lake and hosts thousands of flamingos, storks and pelicans. The colour contrasts provided a beautiful setting.

We took 891 pictures between the two of us, so imagine how hard it is to pick a few select ones to put on the website. Especially when we witnessed a leopard hunting and feeding on a pelican, and also drove within a few meters of a pride of lions. We also had a bit of an adventure when our Jeep caught fire. Everyone piled out when we saw the smoke. The driver turned off the engine, looked under the jeep, then shrugged his shoulders and said, "It's okay now. It was just a fire. We go now." Yeah, that left us feeling safe and confident.

We couldn't fit all of our photos onto 1 entry so we split it up into two parts. Enjoy.

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Leopard 3Leopard 3
Leopard 3

Feasting on a pelican.

As far as the eye can see. The pink comes from the algae that they eat. The pinker they are the older they are.
Lion 4Lion 4
Lion 4

Big yawn!
Lion 3Lion 3
Lion 3

Nice hairdo!
Black rhino 1Black rhino 1
Black rhino 1

Rare and endangered.

14th November 2013
Leopard 1

Beautiful animal
I've been reading all your Africa blogs over the last couple of days. You are so lucky to have seen leopards in the wild! May I ask how close you were? What kind of lens did you use to capture so many close-ups of animals?
19th November 2013
Leopard 1

Hi Anna,
Hi Anna, Thanks for all the comments, it's nice to see people still look at our blogs every once in a while. It's so hard to believe, all the things we have seen and done. Africa was already 5 years ago. I miss it so much. We actually didn't buy too many souvenirs, but luckily both sets of our parents came to meet us in Cape Town for a week, so we were able to unload a bunch of stuff on to them. This was really nice. As for photography - Jordan was shooting with a 70-300 lens most of the time, and this photo might have been cropped as well- can't remember. :-) We just moved to northern Canada, the Yukon actually - it is more of a life style choice, looking forward to exploring a bit more of our own country for a change. Take care, safe travels. Kathie

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