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6th April 2016

Enjoy the "Connie"
Enjoy the "Connie" - she's a great ship. We've enjoyed her twice I think. We, too, love that Thalassotherapy pool. If the seas get rough, though, get out or you'll get slammed into those metal bars. The only bars you should be enjoying are the Martini Bar and the Sunset Bar (aft, past the buffet). Bon voyage!
6th April 2016

what fruit has “flesh eating enzymes”?
Do I get to guess? LOL!
31st March 2016

All Right!!
Let the next adventure begin!
31st March 2016

You're Off Again!
You two amaze me! Your trip sounds wonderful, and I look forward to reading your blog all along the way. Safe travels!
31st March 2016

Have a wonderful time.
31st March 2016

Have bags, will travel.
Have fun!
24th December 2015

The Launch!
Hi Jean - no mention of you heading to Vancouver BC in your travels! Graham swears (&%$#@) the boat will be in the water by May/June 2016 so hopefully you can be here to come aboard for a ride around our waters before we head south in Aug/Sept.......!! :-)
24th December 2015

The Launch! YEA!
So Terry, maybe we'll have to make our Oregon trip into a wider loop ;-) That would be so fun. Jean
22nd December 2015

Wishing you......
Safe travels a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy Hmmmm I didn't se Utah on your list of places you are traveling to :-) We look forward to reading your Blog. Much Love and many Hugs to both of you.
22nd December 2015

Hummm clearly with kids, grandkids and friends there we will make it one of these days. ;-)
22nd December 2015

Hello you two and Merry Christmas. When are you coming to Oregon? No such luck it will be when we're here - May to Oct, except May 23-June 23 we're in UK and Ireland. We'd love to see you if the stars align. Meanwhile, happy travels and good health to you both in the new year.
22nd December 2015

Oregon Bound
Yes! Next summer, maybe August...we'd love to see you! We also have friends in Portland, Sisters and Eugene... would make a wonderful circle trip ;-)
27th March 2015

8 months of world travel
It was awesome! It was as if I was there with you. Thanks for sharing. I looked forward to reading about your experiences and seeing the pictures.
26th March 2015

All Right!!
Wow! What a life experience! Too bad it's back to the grind, huh?
18th March 2015

Costa Rica~
Although I loathe coffee, that's an interesting bit of Costa Rican culture! Good idea to post a smattering of pictures at the end of the blog! Looks like fun!
14th March 2015

Enjoy the read
Like always, enjoy travelling with you in your stories.
14th March 2015

When I build my home, I want front doors like the Cathedral.
12th March 2015

Uruguay rocks!
Uruguay is South America’s second smallest country and is dwarfed by its giant neighbours Brazil and Argentina. What it lacks in natural wonders (although it has many), it more than makes up through its colonial towns such as Colonia de Sacramento and a super modern capital that looks more like Europe.
12th March 2015

So happy to read your blog
Thanks for sharing! I thoroughly enjoy the updates on your trip.
12th March 2015

Sounds like a wonderful place to explore! I think I might put that one on the future travel plan! Stay safe!
8th March 2015

Loving the blogs
Can't wait for the next instalment Jean as we are visiting these places in December so you are preparing us for the way!
27th February 2015

we met you in the john Wayne airport in ca. during our flight delay
Hi from LeAnn..... Sat next to you in airport bar grabbing a bite to eat in our delayed flight. Totally enjoying your travel blog when I get home from work...... It's been my escape from snow and bitter single digit temps. Next time I am going with you. Lol safe travels. Thanks for your business card.
24th February 2015

Favorite Places
Our two favorite places were Buenos Aires and Uruguay - not Montevideo per se as we only saw it from the bus - but the countryside. Sounds like you saw countryside as well. We spent a day at an "estancia", a working ranch, and it was fabulous. We can't wait to go back and now I think you understand why!
27th February 2015

Favorite place
Uruguay is absolutely our favorite place so far!
20th February 2015

We have a Brazilian place here in Clovis they come around the meat skewers as well and cut the meat in front of you and you take it with your fork, its yummy we will have to go when you get here.

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