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17th April 2018

Hello you two. Is there a Hemingway house in Cuba that you can tour like the one in Key West? We so loved visiting that house with the six toed cats. Love your blogs.
17th April 2018

No Hemmingway House
Nope on the house Connie but... there is a bar that everyone knows he did not patronize but he left a note there saying that it was a great bar, so everyone thinks he went there and all the tourists go there. The bar he frequented was on the Main Plaza but no bar to visit.
8th April 2018
Sting Rays

I thought they would ..... sting you
or something else bad.
17th April 2018
Sting Rays

No stings
Nope Claudia, they are gentle and suck the squid off your fingers ;-)
8th April 2018

Safe travels
Sounds like a cool start!
9th November 2016

Those Were The Days
I'm 7 months older than you, Jean, so I definitely remember all of them. I could definitely pick out Frankie and Bobby in the current photo but would never have recognized Fabian. I was always in love with Frankie (and later learned Larry loved Annette), and also Ricky Nelson. Sounds like a fun concert, but I think I'd like to always picture them as cute teenagers. :-)
26th October 2016

love your posts!
HI there! Oh what I would've given to be at the Nugget with you! Sounds like so much fun. By the way, Did you get the book I sent?
25th October 2016

So Cool!
That is so cool, what a fun early birthday surprise! I wish Bill would do something like that for me!
25th October 2016

Hint Hint Bill ;-)
Show him this blog, maybe he'll get the hint LOL
24th October 2016

Nice start!
Look forward to hearing about the Adventure Duo's trip!
2nd June 2016

London, one of my favourite
I travel a lot, in all around the world. While London is close to my own country, this wonderful city is part of one my favourite destination especially for it history and architecture. I love it crazy sides with Kamden Market but also museums which make us discover the Old UK! Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. I like meeting travelers with the same expectations and goals than me! Enjoy your last trip ;)
7th June 2016

Glad you liked it
Hi there... Thanks for your words and I hope you get back to London soon ;-)
1st June 2016

Warwick is definitely on the list of places to go next time I vacation in England!
25th May 2016

That would be cool to see an original Magna Carta. I was at Stonehenge by myself in 2000 and I remember lying in the grass at the outer rim of the stones and looking at the sky- it's such a mystical place.
23rd May 2016

Hail Brittania
Loving following your travels. We, too, will stop in Greenock - our only stop in Scotland. We are skipping Glasgow and taking the shore excursion tour bus to Edinburgh where it drops us off for 5 hours on our own. We're then taking a taxi to the port where we have tickets to tour the royal yacht Brittania. It would be so exciting to see the Queen's flag flying over Holyrood. We may not have time to tour the castle so thanks for the photos and commentary. We're off to the airport in a few hours for our flight to Amsterdam. Carry on!!
19th May 2016

Would like to go back someday
I didn't get a chance to go to Glasgow when I was in Scotland. Looks like a real nice place!
21st May 2016

It is beautiful and the people are soooo nice.
19th May 2016

Memories of Glasgow
Hello Jean, your blog reminded me of when you, Linda, and I went to Scotland as "experts" on further education. I remember men in kilts (and nothing else!!) , a play that we saw which we largely could not understand, and having tea. Remember Rowena? That was some luncheon, as I remember!!
21st May 2016

We need to talk
Hi Elaine, There is so much I don't remember about that trip! But... I do remember speaking on public housing, Rowena, Mr. Petrey, going to the play...what a hoot... we have to talk as soon as I get back ;-)
15th May 2016

Glad you enjoyed your trip to Blarney. It's the one place in Ireland (and this will be our 5th visit in a few weeks). Good for you not doing the kiss the blarney stone bit. We wouldn't be surprised if they didn't have people dressed up as leprechauns parading around. We love Cork, especially the English Market. We'll be docking in Cobh and are looking forward to sailing into that beautiful little town. We spent much time at the Immigration Museum near the waterfront. Kinsale is also a lovely little town with great food and quite the history of trying to fight off the Spanish Armada. Ireland reminds us so much of Oregon/Washington and now you know why. Glad you enjoyed it. Hope you're off to Dublin (Dun Laoghaire) next. Enjoy!
16th May 2016

Loved Ireland
I'm so glad that you will be coming here Connie. It is a beautiful country and folks are so helpful and nice.
12th May 2016

We are planning on bringing all of our northwest rain gear (rain pants, jackets, etc.) for both our cruise and our 2 weeks in Ireland. Looking forward to Guernsey and never even thought about ice cream. We want to see some of the military installations, but will check out the ice cream too. Have fun.
10th May 2016

Your Pienza time sounded fabulous. Can't wait to hear about your cruise, especially since we're doing a similar one in a few weeks. Surprised you had to do Customs in Italy and Britain. Have the Schengen rules gone away after the terrorist attacks? Used to be once you cleared Europe you were "in" and just had to go thru security. I only ask because we will be flying from Amsterdam to Dublin at the end of our cruise. Continue with your grand time!
10th May 2016

Wasn't Peter Brown one of our ancestors who came over on the Mayflower? Maybe he embarked somewhere around there?
7th May 2016

Love it!
Looks and sounds wonderful! I have to go to Toscana someday!

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