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27th August 2011

The highlander was a great pub for a drink and there was a mexican place close by which was great value for money. Just ask at the highlander they told us some great places to eat. Enjoy your trip.
23rd August 2011

any proposals?
hallo...a like your pictures a lot...i am thinking of traveling in Santorini as well and i was thnking if you have any proposals for good places to eat or good places to have a drink??Thank you
19th August 2011

Hey Shırley, thanks for all your comments, it is so nıce gıtting them. I am lookıng forwrd to being home. I hope all is good wıth you. See you soon.
12th August 2011

Looks amazing! What a trip you are having. Cant wait to chat so u can tell me where to go on my next travels
12th August 2011

looks amazing. I cannot believe that I/ we completely forgot about Aaron's birthday! I knew it was coming up, but then it passed me by in the flurry of busy-iness :( But I have agreat idea for a welcome back/ birthday thing - has to be on a thursday night (I think) and involves ribs......
1st August 2011

It looks it - in all senses of the word! blue, white, bright hot Hope Turkey follows up with as good views and experience Love you lots...
8th July 2011

The irish really do eat a lot of potatoes!!! Aaron and I did not want to see another chip by the end of the trip.
6th July 2011

Irish heritage satisfied?
Looks and sounds like you had a good time...What about the potatoes?
28th June 2011

African Animals
Are wonderful to see... you sure did see it all.
28th June 2011

Cape Town pics
Looks like you saw some classics! I am so glad you enjoyed it. Thinking back - Cape Town was the nicest place we lived in when you were little
From Blog: CAPE TOWN
26th June 2011

Loving reading your blogs guys! Sounds and looks like you are hvaing the most fantastic time in gorgeous Africa. The photos of Cape Town made me feel very nostalgic. Photos are amazing of the animals...All sounds awesome. Travel safe to the UK. Lots of love xxx
25th June 2011

Looks fantastic! Hope you said hello to Africa for me. Enjoy the next leg of your trip- cant wait for more news!
21st June 2011

Another place I never been! Sounds like you had some luck and they are magnificent creatures. You tell it well sweetheart.
21st June 2011

Sunny SA
It is weird seeing similar photos to some we took at the gardens! The magaliesberg - you been somewhere I haven't...
20th June 2011

Kels and Aaron this looks amazing! I would have wet myself I'm amazed at you guys you're so hardcore! Missing you heaps here but stoked you're having such a fantastic time! xo
17th June 2011

O wow that is beautiful! And that is one very big jump into a lake/pond :) Looks like you are both really enjoying yourselves - looking forward to your next blog! I'll make sure Marc reads this when he gets home :)
16th June 2011

This is great!
Get to see the stuff you do as you do it almost! Love you lots and have fun!
16th June 2011

Cradle of mankind
Did you get to see the actual skulls - can you remeber the sahpe from form 7 so many years ago???
8th June 2011

Look forward to watching and reading the BLOG so Jen and I can learn how to do it when we leave on 7 August! Have fun will watch carefully how the tan starts to improve
8th June 2011

have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So jealous! Probably will refuse to read your blog the first time it pops up! So jealous!!! Have an amazing time!! Miss you already!

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