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Aaron and Kelly Butler

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The Big Trip

Current visible route is for major travel only. We will be sure to update with all the minor details once we hit the road.

So we have been married now just over 8 months and we are just going on our honeymoon. It is a very long honeymoon though, so time was needed to save. But we are off now and look forward to the adventure of a life time.

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia » Göreme August 23rd 2011

Well after a quick and quiet overnight in Antalya it was back to Cappadocia where we first started our Turkey adventure. This was good as we were not in Cappadocia very long the first time and did not get to enjoy the wonderful sights and experiences it had to offer. As some background, Cappadocia is famed for its underground cities (created by the early christians when escaping Roman persecution), houses carved into rock, fairy chimnies (wierd rock formations created by the elements), and pottery. We were somewhat excited about returning, mainly because we knew we had three nights in one location, which is always welcome, and also because we knew we were staying in a very nice hotel with great food. Also the temperature does drop to the low twenties which was also welcome. Upon arriving ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Fethiye August 19th 2011

Well we have been very much looking forward to arriving in Fetihye, number one because we are here for three nights without having to change hotels and number two because our guide was leaving for a couple of days to visit his family. Don't get us wrong, he was a very nice man, however by this point he is starting to get on our nerves somewhat, and although we were looking forward to some time by ourselves it would have been nice if he had given us some more info about the local area rather than dumping us at the hotel reception. Oh well at least he left us with our driver, Suleyman, who although he could not speak much english he was the nicest guy we had met in Turkey so far. It was also ... read more
Destı Kebabs

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Ephesus August 17th 2011

Today we started out by visiting a carpet weaving centre. This I have to say was actually quite amazıng. The women that make these carpets are incredible, they can do up to 2000 knots a day to create these pieces of art. Aaron and I went in there thinkıng there is no way we would want one. But after seeing how much work goes into them and how gorgeous they end up.... we were seriously considering a purchase. But with the smallest available carpet costing NZD500 and the most expensive carpet costing NZD150000. We had to leave before we made a serious finacial faux pax! The next stop on this day was Ephessus. Ephessus is an ancient roman cıty that has been heavily excavated and restored. It truly was quite spectacular. They think it will take ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Gallipoli August 15th 2011

Well after a nice couple of days semi recovering from our terrible stomach bugs in Istanbul it was time to leave for our two week adventure around Western Turkey, first stop Gallipoli! This was always one of the anticipated highlights for the two of us on our travels. The day started well with our tour bus. Obviously our first touring experience was somewhat uncomfortable in a packed minibus with no air con, however this time we were in a very spacious 30 seater with only 10 people (and 6 of them were only day tripping with us). This made the 5 hour drive to the Gallipoli Peninsular very enjoyable and after stopping for a quick lunch it was off to see the battle fields and memorials. We started in Anzac Cove right on the water where ... read more
Ataturks speech
Kıwı Memorıal

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul August 11th 2011

Well, following our Eastern Turkey tour we spent nearly two full days in bed with stomach bugs, which was not exactly all that pleasant, but hey Turkey is probably one of the places you can expect to come down with one. Luckily we didnt have to feel too bad about this as the two days we were feeling the worst, it was absolutely pouring with rain. It was the first rain Istanbul has seen all season. When we finally made it out we went for a great walk along the waterfront of Istanbul and even went for an adventure on the trams over the Golden Horn to Taksim Square (where the Istanbul locals hang out). After two days to ourselves to semi recover from our stomach bugs we started our 15 day Flying Carpet tour with ... read more
Undergroud Cistern
Topkapı Palace
Hagia Sophia

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia August 8th 2011

And we thought that Greece was hot! At first we were tricked upon arrival into Kayseri, the temperature was relatively mild! We actually thought to ourselves for a minute, that we could handle this temperature, but we would soon be corrected! It was all quite surreal, upon arrival in Eastern Turkey we were picked by a guy at the airport wıth our names but spoke no english. We were then driven an hour to our hotel, which we did not know the name of but they seemed to know us. The followıng morning again we were picked up by someone who spoke no english but ushered us into the car and drove us another half hour past the place we thought we were starting our tour from to another company, who were apparently expecting us. Thinking ... read more
Goats Milk Ice Cream
Sunrise at the top of Mt Nemrut

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Imerovigli July 26th 2011

Santorini was incredible it was such a beautiful island, what we liked was that it had so much more to it than the other two islands we had visited. It is a huge volcanic island that erupted thousands of years ago and was supposedly one of the largest eruptions the world has ever seen (we debated this as we think that Taupo might take that one out). It is thought that this was the eruption that sunk Atlantis and that Akrotiri (the red beach) is the site of Atlantis They are currently excavating a huge site which is due to open in September (the guide told us however that it was supposed to open in September three years ago). Where we stayed in Imerovigli was at one of the highest points on the caldera and it ... read more
View from Casa Bianca
Profitis Illias

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens July 19th 2011

OH MY GOD GREECE IS HOT!!! When we arrived in Athens it was a mild 35 degrees. I must say I got quite grumpy walking to our hotel with 20Kgs on my back. Luckily we had booked a very nice hotel for our first couple of nights and were welcomed with a wonderfully air conditioned room. Our first afternoon we kept low key with some delicious greek food and an early night. For our only full day in Athens we took a day trip out to Delphi, the sanctuary of Apollo and a very important and well preserved archialogical site. Amazing to see suck important Greek ruins up close and personal. Although the day was extremely hot we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was a full day out and we got back around 7pm. Another early night ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Molde July 13th 2011

Since the last blog Aaron and I have been on sensory overload! We have seen so much beautiful scenery that we have just been completely and utterly exhausted from it all... that and Norweigens seriously know how to party... Especially little Miss Ane Straume. Wednesday we woke up at a ridiculous hour and took a drive to a place called Prekestolen for a five hour hike up a mountain. It was well worth it though as when we got to the top we realised we were standing on a cliff 200metres high, overlooking an amazing fiord. We had a great little lunch at the top watching all the crazy people try and get as close to the edge as they possibly could. On the way back down Ane and Aaron decided to go for a dip ... read more
Amazing Rapids
Trying out stilts

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen July 7th 2011

We arrived in Bergen on Friday evening and learned before we even exited the plane that Bergen is known for its rain, which naively both Aaron and I were completely unaware of! Sure enough it was pouring with rain on our midnight arrival. We were welcomed by the gorgeous Ane and Mark, it was so nice to see there smiling faces. Our first day in Norway, Ane and Mark drove us to Flåm, stopping at Voss and Stalheim, a hotel which in its previous life was a rehabilitation centre for people with respiratory issues, back when they believed that clean fresh air would be the cure for these sort of problems. We were absolutely blown away by the beauty of this country from the word go. Every couple of hundred meteres was another stunning view, as ... read more
Aaron eating prawns on bread

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