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8th February 2009

Gino crossing a bridge - what is he trying to become a CPA
28th January 2009

Good stuff
Good stuff mate - yours and ruths fitness must be up there with that of a prime mountain goat now :) - will have to join you for a walk soon when this heatwave finishes
5th January 2009

Beautiful - I would love to check it out one day
3rd January 2009

Nice Pics - looking forward to May - will start training on the bike soon - have done my back in at moment
2nd January 2009

Out of uniform
Looked like a nice stroll. Good to her you didnt forget the car keys, but next time Tim goes, remind him to wear his camo' shorts
23rd November 2008

Wedding photos
Nice to finally see some photos of you big day.
18th November 2008

love that turqoise water - bloody didnt see a tropical beach until 2006 at cape tribulation and guess what - it was raining and overcast - cant wait until i can finally go snorkelling on a coral reef - did it on that trip but not near a beach - out on the barrier reef
From Blog: Aitutaki
16th November 2008

Nice Pics
you all look so happy - looks like everyone had a great time
10th November 2008

Love those beaches
Love those beaches
From Blog: A day of leisure
17th June 2008

I really enjoyed reading about your adventures in Vigan. I\'m Filipino American, and my family is from this area. In fact, many of my ancestors (at least 4 generations) are buried in the cemetery you took a picture of. The bell tower you climbed is the Bantay bell tower of St. Augustine\'s church. There\'s an old legend of an apparition of a woman in a white dress that is seen calling people to join her in the bell tower. Perhaps you met her? =)
29th July 2007

Finally McDonalds gets a mention
About time Atts. I though you might have lost you Macca's sponsorship deal.
25th July 2007

not pinatubo
no, not pinatubo. that one's called mt. arayat
24th July 2007

No Macca's
What's happening Atts? You've been gone a few weeks no and as far as I recall no mention of McDonalds.
10th July 2007

you shoud have stayed a few days in puerto galera to see el nido resort, boating to uninhabited islands and just chilling! hope you stay a bit longer in need to chill!!!
10th July 2007

Hello again
You did stunning images of the Rice Terraces in Batad. Just a comment, most of the people in the countryside that every time people see ''white foreigner'', we always call them, Kano or Americano... So it is normal greetings not only for you but for Caucasian tourists. Maybe for you it is a little an insult greeting, but believe or not, the Americans provided us a good system/foundation of education in past and that this is the reason why we can talk, write, read in English. Best regards
10th July 2007

It is nice feeling to read people's blog about the Philippines and how they described it. It seems that you enjoyed your stay. By the way, yes Dr. Jose Rizal is our national but he was not ''hanged'' by the Spaniards, instead he faced the ''firing squad'' publicly in Luneta Park. Best regards
9th July 2007

Amazing pictures, Tony, Cleverly put together! Dont like the look of your leg....Dont suppose Ruthy does either. Get to see a medico when you get somewhere civilised.
7th July 2007

Impressive Indeed
The terraces are really impressive...thanks for the pictures!
5th July 2007

enjoying your funny blog. so, where to next. i heard sagada is heavenly.
From Blog: The Cordilleros
5th July 2007

Great photos mate
Great photos mate
From Blog: The Cordilleros
4th July 2007

Thanks Mikel
Thanks mate I am heading for Manilla in the next few days then it will be down to the Visaya's
3rd July 2007

Pinatubo and Spain
Sorry about your leg- you should have let those females catch you! Glad things are looking up now and hope the rest of your stay is good.Pictures are great, and the cathedral most impressive. Take care and watch those mail order brides!
2nd July 2007

good to hear your trip is looking up. hope you have the chance to go to palawan, puerto balera, bohol, boracay. if you must pick one, i"d say go to paradise. el nido in palawan.
30th June 2007

do hope you get to see manila and the islands.
29th June 2007

Not a good start
Not a good start mate but keep us up to date and hope the trip starts looking up soon

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