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29th June 2007

Tony Attenborough Rocks !!!
29th June 2007

Not a good day
Sounds like an interesting day.
20th May 2007

Great pics
Great pics guys - looks like it was a great trip - wanna do that trip myself one day. Good that you got a pic with macca too. Will have to have a nite at the Adelaide German Club on a Friday sometime soon
14th May 2007

24th April 2007

Male or female
Hi there. I think you may have your towers the wrong way round. We visited the ones on the outskirts of Yazd and were told the taller of the two is always the female one. The idea is that people at the higher tower might accidentally look down and see the bodies in the lower one (unlikely) and it would be more disrespectful if they saw the bodies of the women. I don't know if it's true. By the way, don't know if you are interested but some months ago I created a link to your site from a travel website called trivago - you can find it if you are interested : Great site. Great place.
17th February 2007

Great trip!
Gotcha! by fiddling " Atts in New Zealand" on the blog site. Great stories and pictures. Liked the maori dinner, who the heck was that - didn't look too happy. Great shot of Ruth falling in the water. Bet she wasn't too happy either! Pity about the blob - I think it was a kiwi. Want to see the whale pictures now. Keep enjoying, and don't fall down any crevasses.Chas back in hospital, very sick - another fall, will see how he is tomorrow....
10th February 2007

Excelent Pictures
Hello, I m half Iranian half English and was in Iran 2002-2004. The photo's are excellent and the dicription accurate. If I may add a little more, the shaking minaret is best appriciated from inside, slip the gaurd a couple of dollers and have a go, with the guild shaking it to and frow, I was sure we were going to fall. Pigeon Towers offer not just a home for pigeons, but the maniuor is used across the local aggriculture tis a good source of mineral N, usally used on Date Trees.
2nd January 2007

Great to see Esphahan again!
I lived there through my early teen years, until the revolution. I loved it. I loved the people, generous and kind, I loved the country, beautiful and somehow sad, yet so proud, I loved the food! I miss Iran! I've often dreamed of meandering through the bazaar! lol! I used to skip school (the American school of Isfahan) and go there! lol! I really miss it sometimes!
27th November 2006

Stop lying
"The last stop was at a petrol station where there must have been at least 500 cars lined up waiting for fuel.” I think you lie about Iran. I was there in the worst situation and I have never seen a line like that.
From Blog: To the Caspian
21st October 2006

Hi Tony, your site is an interesting read. You're certainly an adventurer. Are you an Australian? I'm an Australian and if you're interested you can read about my adventure in Yemen at I'm planning a trip to Egypt and Morocco in February and try to go on trips around Yemen every month if possible. I'd say take care or be careful but I don't think you'd listen to me so, I hope danger manages to avoid you! Keep on bloggin Ben
From Blog: Preparation
13th October 2006

l l went to the same place this year as my brother lives there the heat is a real killer but the place was worth it l went into the cave there was a waterfall and also lots of frogs l also drank from the streams as it was so hot would love to go back but next time l will take more water
20th June 2006

Welcome Back
Good to see you made it through and climatised yourself for the return to Australia by dining at that fine establishment McDonalds. Do I get fries with my gift?
From Blog: Shiraz to Dubai
7th June 2006

Haven't heard anything for a while, hope things are still going ok mate.
From Blog: Shiraz
7th June 2006

Hi Mate, Good to see your still going well. I saw Mahatma Coat last Friday and his wifes name is Shiraz coincidently. So politically incorrect but so funny. Secondly, the women siting next to you thing is not a tradition, they just don't want to sit next to you. Anyhow stay safe and back the Aussies in the World Cup. Pete
From Blog: Shiraz
29th May 2006

Once again, fantastic pics - do I smell a book in the winds upon your return? Interesting facts about Iran too, but we all know that the media is full of shit and always makes out everyone in the middle east to be nutcases whereas its only a lunatic fringe in power that gets all the publicity - same with everywhere else in the world that gets bad press.
25th May 2006

Mind boggling!
OK I'll never query your choice of destinations again!Fantastic photography and really interesting geography/history lessons. Got a new Peter Moore book and it's probably the best and most readable of his. Travels in Iran really good. Seems you're quite safe! Keep happy - Jill
24th May 2006

Cyrus the Great
A decendant of Billie Ray Cyrus?
From Blog: Persian Empire
24th May 2006

nice pic with your boyfriends
I knew it wouldn't take you long to adopt middle eastern ways. You really should have been born in the days of Socrates.
23rd May 2006

Fantastic pics mate, probably some of the best for the trip so far. It's a shame about that revolution in 1979 as Iran was on the way to becoming a modern country until that happened. Still there's a lot of history there with the Persians and didn't the Babylonians have some cities there or maybe that was Iraq (Hanging Gardens etc). Oh well, keep the entries coming, I'm forwarding your updates on to all my family and friends.
From Blog: Persian Empire
23rd May 2006

No Booze??
Tony, I forgot to tell you about the Liquor Licensing Laws in Iran prior to yoru departure. Its good to see that its having an affect on your health. Who know you may be thin again soemday soon. Keey your head down and make sure Hassan is who he appears to be before gettign into a car with him. Catch you when you get back. Pete
22nd May 2006

Looking at your pictures there doesnt seem to be much colours used in the buildings. Kinda look like big sancastles. Is it true that It is Illegal to sell or make alcohol in Iran???
20th May 2006

The most fanatical people that make a bad name for everyone else in a country as usually in the capital city so will be interesting to hear about what thats like. It looks so hot and dry there - like a bigger version of the northern flinders ranges. Travel safely mate.
From Blog: On To Iran
19th May 2006

Tony's photos look pretty good too. I see why he wanted to go - he is a real traveller, not just a resort couch potato.
16th May 2006

Its really generous that someone offered you that much money out of the blue - must have been an oil tycoon or something :) Sorry to hear about the loss of your cards etc - maybe you could get travellers cheques as a back up.
15th May 2006

Still fabulous.....
....In spite of your 'little problem". Glad it seems to be sorted now. How great to see the turtle, even if there was only one.Real wild life TV stuff! Made out the picture tho' blurred, and the scenery of the wadis was mind blowing. As I said, marvellous photography...Now, you've GOT to write that book.Ruthy and I will edit it! Lucky guy! Love from Jill and ChasPS How kind of them to helpyou thro' your disaster... Couldn't happen here, makes one quite ashamed

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