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14th May 2006

Hope you get this!
Fantastic journal and even the bad bits are exciting. Can realise now why you went there! Magnificent photos and you can be proud of them, good as Ruthie's from last trip. Great to know people are good to you shows we are a bit brain washed eh? Hope the rest of the travels are successful, and most of all, safe. See you soon and keep the news comi ng. Can't wait to open the blogs...I do that first- love Jill and Chas
13th May 2006

Hey those kids aren't paddling to Australia are they?
13th May 2006

Great photos mate - how did you get over the problem of the broken CD?
12th May 2006

Oman - Old Muscat
Hi ya Tony, WOW, your trip looks and sounds totally amazing so far!! The pictures are terrific and make me want to travel again NOW!! And get a load of this - on last night's Amazing Race epsiode the teams ended up flying to Muscat! What a coincidence hey, given your presence there today?! Have fun and stay safe, Judith
11th May 2006

Loving the photos Atts. Is it just me, or are you still uploading photos to previous journals. I've just had a look back at your previous journals and there appears to be new "never to be seen before" photos. Keep em coming
10th May 2006

Man Servant
Hi Tony, Good to see you back inot enjoying yourself after exiting the last place. I am not so sure that Ruth would be happy with you in a tripple room with your Nepalese Man Servant. Its sounds a little bit Cluseau versus Kato to me. Does he challenge you to chess every time you walk through the door I wonder? Anyway I am pleased you have moved from Sit to Mr Attenborough anyhow, he may thing your a big time naturalist. You whiplash must be non-existent if your riding a quad bike now. Nothing to be scared of on a bike, only if your not wearing a helmet. Finally you should of been here to watch the footy. Nothing like absolutely flogging the tree swingers in the wet. The upside is that we are the only team to have beaten the top side away also. Long season though. Anyway take care and we should catch up when you get back. Pete
9th May 2006

Gift for Ruthy
A perfume container my arse - you kinky beast
8th May 2006

What's with the watch??????????????
4th May 2006

Hope youre ok mate and not too badly hurt, also hope the rest of the travel is maybe a little lest dodgy.
4th May 2006

My dad appreciate's the yamel pictures mate - cheers atts
From Blog: Wadi What?
3rd May 2006

Parallel Importing
Good to see that your still going over there despite the obvious lack of hygiene. Come to think of it you may fit in very well and the odour would mask your unique smell. Anyway if you shoudl happen to see the male flight attendent (reminds me of Full Frontal) again have a chat with him about the perils of parellel importing and the obvious ramifications of smuggling booze in arabic countries. I think he would be safer relying on his natural charm and working street corners. Anyhow good luck and steer clear any hostility East of you. They are about to go to the matresses over there. Pete
From Blog: Wadi What?
3rd May 2006

At least you could get bananas..I bought one yesterday for 2.50...Showdown XX this week, hope we thump the Power like we did the Bulldogs. The photos look like scenes from Star Wars...
From Blog: Wadi What?
3rd May 2006

Good to see some pics up there. All the jokes we made about the middle east and now Adelaide has its very own bombing in Pirie St right behind my work - you might be safer over there after all :)
From Blog: Stuck in Sana a
1st May 2006

Wonderful letters!
Great to hear from you, Tony. Sorry things aren't always rosy, but very interesting. Thanks for your kind message.Lovely photos, too. I'm keeping all your letters but may not download the photos, almost out of ink! Keep well and for heaven's sake keepsafe! Ruthy fine, and the pets! Love Jill
From Blog: Stuck in Sana a
30th April 2006

Non-Alcoholic Beer?! - must have tasted like yak urine. Don't forget to some pics of camels as my dad is a camel freak.
30th April 2006

Mate do you think nobody is talking to you because of that shocker of a haircut or are you wearing that bright yellow t-shirt, cos either of those things would put me off :) Seriously though, Dubai is a place i'd like to drop by and visit for a couple days as a stopover to Europe or something.
29th April 2006

All the best
Hi Buddy, just checked out your blog. Just returned from Tassie, dare say a little diff to where you are. Have fun on your trip, don't cut yourself with your big knife, Nige
28th April 2006

WOmens Day
You should of packed a dress so you could get in on womans day.....Did u see the cricket ground at all??
26th April 2006

Just to let you know.
Just to let you know we are thinking of you and hoping that this trip will be worth the excitement and long wait . Hope, too , that you find some good travel companions and don't get lonely, or suffer with tummy. Watch those camels! and no belly dancers!We'll know if you do!! Interesting to hear from you - love Jill and Chas x x x
From Blog: Itinerary
24th April 2006

Entry 1
This is a pretty cool web site - just hope you come back in one piece mate :)
From Blog: Airport blues

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