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North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon February 12th 2010

It was a real treat to see a mother and her calf at close quarters in Boot Key Harbour yesterday. This was my first encounter and what a treat, she was beautiful. I apolagise for the poor quality of the pictures since they were taken on my phone. The sailing has taken a back seat for most of us holed up in Boot Key Harbour while we wait for the weather to settle/improve. This afternoon and tonight we have forecast of 22 to 25 knot wind, gusting to 40 knots, with thunder storms. Everyone says that this is unusual and we are all waiting for it to settle down before we venture out into the gulf stream.... read more
mother and calf

North America » United States » Florida February 4th 2010

Tuesday Feb 2nd. The nitty gritty bit of sailing. It's not all sunshine and rum punch. Yesterday didn't go well. It started at 2am with strong winds from the North West, the prospect of a shift to NE and an unattended hulk of a boat all to close to Harbinger for comfort. Ideally I'd have let out a longer rode (anchor line) but I'd have hit the hulk, as it was it was only 15 feet off my stern! About 4am the wind went around to the NE and moderated so I turned in, relieved that the anchor held on 45 feet of chain. The plan was to head down to Key West on the bus and check in with the Customs and Border patrol (CBP). It was a dark and wet day so I didn't ... read more

North America » United States » Florida January 31st 2010

Sunday 31st January 2010. On the move, at last. I haven't had much to say because there hasn't been much to report, just boring stuff about preparing Harbinger. However I am now happy to report that I've left Fort Myers and I'm now in Marathon, which is the middle Keys, Florida. It was a long haul for a first sail aboard Harbinger and as one might expect not everything went according to plan. Left fort Myers at 13.15Thursday 28th Jan, with a view to making Marathoin by 16.00 Saturday. It's about 130 miles and so this seemed a reasonable ambition. Motored down the Caloosahatchee river, its about a mile wide but shallow and so you need to stay within the channel. It was 18.00 and dusk before I reached the open sea. Motor sailed until the ... read more
Boot Key harbor at night

North America January 23rd 2010

Hi, Welcome to my adventure. It is only just beginning and it has taken 10 weeks to get where I am now. To update you I'm taking a carreer break and the original plan was to going skiing this winter and sailing next summer. However I decided to just go sailing and so I came to Florida to find a boat. What i found is a state which has been hit very hard by the financial crisis and property has bombed. so has the value of boats, which is good for me but not for the residents of this hard hit state. I found a one owner Westerly Fulmer, a 32 foot Ed Dubois design from the early 80's. It needed some work to the bring it up to scratch but most of that is now ... read more
dead fish killed due to fall in sea temperature to 47 degrees
Fort Myers. Bike night

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Godalming December 2nd 2009

Hi folks, Well I'm one month into a possible one year carreer break. I didn't realise there would be so much time taken up preparing for such an adventure. I always had this romantic idea that I would turn up at Gatwick airport and then decide where I was going, but you need visas and money and apex tickets, etc.. anyway at least I've decided where I'm going. I'm off to Miami first. It's around 78 degrees there and the best time to visit is the winter. I spent all last Monday in the US embassy trying to get a multi visit visa, which is what I need. 5 hours and three interviews later is seems that they will let go to the US and spend some money afterall! Very nice of them to let me ... read more

Middle East October 7th 2009

Hi Downtown Dubai is where the plan to escape is taking shape. Its October now and I start my travels at the beginning of December . Europe first, not travelling but working in a ski resort, hopefully work in the afternoon and sking in the mornings, if i can get up! The adventure changes up a couple of gears in the spring when I plan to start sailing, west coast of Europe and Ireland at first with a plan to do a transat later on. Need to buy a boat for that, something like the one in the picture. There are several on the market, its just a case of getting organised. ... read more

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