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You live and learn.

My struggles and my triumphs is what defines me. My children are the one that gave me essence. My family and friends are the addition of my completeness.
I’m strong because people believe that I am strong. I get hurt but I have high tolerance of pain. I struggle and struggle and struggle because nature is training to be phenomenal. I help not for self-gratification, but because it's my human obligation. I don’t agree on “favors.” I learn to know what love is and then I love. I am radiant because I am the reflection of the people that are surrounding me. It takes an extraordinaire to appreciate me. I choose my world to be my heaven and I alone have the power to make my world hell.

Asia » Philippines October 15th 2015

We saw, touch, heard and tasted things that are unfamiliar. The one familiar thing in our trip is the warmth of the people. We Plan to go back 2017 December!... read more
Dessert before dinner
Starbucks Makati
Don's Bday Celebration

Asia » Philippines January 3rd 2015

Surprisingly LAX did not give us any trouble....and proud to have a well coordinated boys and easy going girl. But why the heck a bottle of water cost $8?! The 14 hours flight from LAX to Beijing was would have been a little better if the airplane wasn't so hot!!! Lion and Michael's highlights were the take-off and landing. Lion said, "It's better than a roller coaster ride!"...No need to tell me I can feel your clammy hands and I can hear the "I'm scared...I'm sacred..." of Michael. I knew that the transferring flight was going to be a challenge. I was told that Beijing airport is huge and our case the huge part was accurate but not crowded. I thought I was prepared to walk up and down and long way to terminal ... read more
Musical Chair
Tracking the flight...
The View

Asia » Philippines » Manila December 29th 2014

3 Days from now the kids and I are traveling to my mother land, The Philippines. Lion is 11, Michael is 10 and Zuri almost 2 years old. Exciting!!! Lion knows how to say “Maiinit sa labas” (Its hot outside) I wonder how many times is he going to say that during the course of our trip. Because we are a “foodie” family, I also taught him how to say “Gutom ako” (I’m Hungry)...After having the 2 boys I made a promised to myself that I will visit the Philippines with them when they turn 10. The goal in mind was not only to learn about the Filipino culture but also to teach them gratitude. I am not implying that the boys are ungrateful. Learning the deeper meaning of truly appreciating what you have and understanding ... read more

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