Koh tao

September 22nd 2014
Published: September 22nd 2014
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Hmmmm the drinks affecting our brains can't even remember what's happened the last few days!!!!!! We had a night in Bangkok.....got a bit excited at the sangsom (Thai rum) prices after spending time in Singapore £££££ got absolutely shit faced with an old Irish geeza called tom at sawasdee where we were stayin. Don't really remember much. Started raining so we got moved inside....a few tables moved away from us after about 3 minutes?! Haha we were monged! The camera the next day was hilarious.....so we'd been rolling around the corridors crawling to the room......lis found rach passed out outside the door....drags her in n left her spewing on the bog floor. Next day was awful.....kept havin funny turns n that so just chilled at buddy lodge pool....lush....minus the posers, divvys!!!! We've decided we don't like 6 packs!!!! Shit crack six packers!!!!! Was so hot in Bangkok a big chunk of Rachel's hairs fell Oot. She looks more like andy out of little Britain now than when she dressed up as him at Christmas ha. Tidyyyyy. Got the overnight bus to chumpon....dropped off at 5 in the mornin, had to sit for 2 hours on the pier waiting for the bus to koh tao. Didn't even have any scranners open....Starvin again = more funny turns. Got to koh tao lush hotel with a pool....treat worselfs. Soooooo cushty here. Our hotel just happens to have the best beach bar too!!!! Lotus 😊. Full of divers everywhere n we just sit on our arses all day drinkin round the pool.....well we got as far as buyin a snorkel couldn't even open it haha. First night we were only gonna have a couple....but the room was to close n it was too easy to just come back for another 1000 baht. Met some radge French dudes....off their tits. "I am only on ze island to fuck....nothing else" didn't get far with us like.....only let him sit on wer table so we could sup his bucket when he went of dancin like a plank. Funny night. Got stuck with the owners son givin us a massive sob story about not being able to pull.....bloody hell man dear diedree!!!! He also got nowhere! Haaa. PIED!! Last night we were determined we weren't drinkin but we passed a ladies night sign n the peeves were only 60 baht!!! Oh mannnn we hadnt even done our hair or makeup or owt. Such a good night though.....fireshow on the beach was brill. Met a lad called Adam.....funny little bugger......"gods gift to women" "best shag yal ever have" "I'm sleeping at yours" also pied for a corn on the cob!!! Loved getin naked......got himself stripped off n on the fire rope haha smart one everyone thought the tit was with us. He's goin to koh phagnan Tomorra too.....so were more than likely getin stuck with another nutter!! We love koh Phangan leave in the morning and it's black moon party Tomorra night 😊 not many can say they've done the half moon full moon and black moon...so lucky. Were actually doin something bizarre right now.....sitin in a bar drinkin diet coke.....silly gets but it's our first day with not one drink since we got here. Gonna have a BBQ then rach is going to play in the shower with the snorkel!! Can't wait to feel fresh Tomorra and have a day with no funny turns!!!!! 😊 waiting for our BBQ chicken skewers bit concerned about the raw fish heads that are now touching the kebabs. Gammy guts Tomorra!!!! Tried to watch the sunset 2 nights in a row but the clouds appear from newhere at 6 o'clock....nice cloud sets though!!


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