Cow piss and the death of sleep

November 22nd 2009
Published: November 22nd 2009
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So this keyboard doesnt have letters on the pads so this is pretty fun trying to write, im now glad i payed attention in IT lessons!
well cow piss...yes we all probably think its rather gross, definatly not a desired thing, but for indians..well. Me and russ were having lunch next to a market place where all the women from the surrounding villages to pushkar come into the town in the mornings to sell all thier produce ( veg and fruit) and this big assed cow comes over and starts pissing next to them. This lady about 50 gets up and i think she is going to whack the cow but instead puts her hand under the flow of piss, sprinkles it on her head and then goes to her other middle aged sari clad friends and chucks a handfull on her head, which is recieved gratefully......
On the 19th we woke up early absolutly freezing and tried to get our breezeblock like duvets from the floor, whilst doing this russ suddenly squeeked and started making alot of noise, 1 trapped nerve and alot of pain meant he couldnt actually move! so i sat him in bed and went in search of medication, found sum muscle relaxent seriously strong pain killers and fed him them, apparently they were pretty good and he had a bit of a high off them! he couldnt turn his head at all eaither so after the seriious pain ( and it did sound painfull) passed, it was pretty funny as i kept saying ohh look at that at which he would have to turn his whole body..or turn his head and then shout in pain...heeee!
The death of sleep....pushkar is a holy place, full of holy men who are usualy very undressed, a loin cloth at most with dreadloacks or serious matted hair. a bit of a whiff and some kind of silver staff with a sort of neptune like plume on it. pooja is being made at all hours of day and fake and real priests try to con u into thinking u must give 100 rps per family member or else recieve bad such man tried this on us, we went along with it for a bit thinking it would be nice to do pooja, he starting totting up our family members saying how we must give to recieve for our family..just as he was trying to put on our pushkar passports ( small red string around the wrist) i threw a pooopey 😊 true lissy style. i told him he wos mean and a bully and i threw his silly coconut and piece of string at him and stormed off! we did eventually make friends with a lovly calm man who lived on the gangour ghat next to our hostel who fed all the animals daily and i saw his bother sitting for hours in meditation, he said we could do pooja with him and we didnt have to give any money as we were his friends. he gave a chai each time we visited and offered us chillums and food. We did our first pooja with this man and he wished us virtuous lives and gave us prayer for our family and friends and we got our pushkar passport!
So we made some lovely friends and had a really chilled out time but we decided to move on to Mount Abu on the 20.11.09, we booked a sleeper bus from Ahmer, the next big city, but its didnt quite work out smoothly!...

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25th November 2009

You really should get into writing books Liss! Very entertaining, maybe this blog could be the start of your memoirs? Keep having adventurous times nuff luvv

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