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November 17th 2009
Published: November 17th 2009
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So mending russ time! plenty of water and bed rest, crisps and peices of toast and we're ready to go. We were origanally going to Agra to see the Taj Mahal, but after being sick decided it was probably best to go somewhere a bit calmer and get out of the mad cities full of seriously deranged crazy men!we booked a luxery coach to pushkar and prayed russ would be well to travel as delhi was starting to drive us potty!
We we're told we would b taken to the bus stop which we presumed meant we would be taken by rickshaw but of course that's just too simple! So a nice polite man walked us through the main bazaars to the delhi metro underground which is like a hole in the ground filled with people and trains who really like to push and shove, was pretty hard keeping track of our leader as we left the metro and power walked through rush hour delhi traffic of cars busses men with big planks of bricks, bundels and random stuff oxes, riskshaws and a deafening mingel off beeps! all heading somewhere??!!
We we're told our bus had been cancelled and i tried to kick off about not getting our bus as i knew we paid extra for a nice bus ( about 6 quid each ) but i was basically told that is was " fine fine good bus yes maddam" and so we waited 2 hours for this next bus to come. Whilst waiting me and russ went out side for a cigarette where i was glared at with such disgust and laughed at by the 20 or so men around..this place confuses me!
so The coach took 2 hours to load up with hundreds of bundles on the roof tied down with rope and the floors were pilled high too. We had a little cabin the top one thank god, with a little sliding slightly tinted glass door with a curtain that just about hid nothing, just about high roofed enough to sit up with neck bent! this has us and backpacks in too so no lying down! so whilst trying to relax i had mr google eyes next door staring for pretty much the whole 11 hours journey, no amount of returned stares, huffely and blatenly shutting my mini curtain and refraining from giving him the middle finger could stop him. i think i might just have to get used to this!
We arrived in pushkar in the morning, slightly unslept and grumpy, but managed to find a beauty of a place to stay.
Pushkar is a beautiful small town based around the peacefull ghats leading to a lake....but there was one problem with our "lake view" hotel...there is no lake. The monsson didn't happen this year so we have a view of a pooey muddy field! its good though as its the first time in 25 years its been empty so they can clean it.
Pushkar is full of lush roof top cafes and really friendly people and after being here for a few days pretty much no hassel as they recognise us..oh appart from the conastant offers of hasheesh for russ!
Climbed a big hill yesterday with a temple on top in the sweltering sun..nice to do some walking. Oh forgot to say that in was pretty cold in delhi, with grey skys everyday and raining a few times but here it is glrious sunshine with the occasional chilly night. hmmmm very happy indeed! oh and I am also super pleased as pushkar is filled with.....MONKEYS 😊


17th November 2009

So nice to be able to follow progress
Hello to you both. I have loved reading progress so far. I know when I first went to Sri Lanka my impression was one of amazement at how many different forms of transport, loaded up with people, were on the road as well as pedestrians, anaimls and even people sitting holding conversations in the road. You perhaps should think about the fact that two of Dad's brothers were born in India. I wonder how different it was then!!!!!! Hope you are fully recovered now Russ. it is not called Delhi Belly for nothing!!!! Shame you missed the Taj Mahal but I think seeing how different communities live can be just as interesting. Pete and Freda are hearing about your progress and were worried to hear about Russ's trouble but I will allay their feers when I ring later. Love to you both. Hope you are getting pictures of the monkeys!!
18th November 2009

Happy days, and yeah the stares might be with you for the long haul, good job you've got Russ to look intimidating next to you >:-( I'm getting flashbacks as I think back, what have you finally planned on for your birthday??

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