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November 17th 2009
Published: November 17th 2009
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After a knee cramping flight, we finally arrive in delhi!! First stop after getting off the plane was queing up for the swing flu checks. Which basically is just a thermal imaging camera. So far all clear. Next stop was customs, which was pretty relaxed even though i seemed to get searched pretty much everywhere else. Then onto baggage collection. Straight away i could see my bag heading round on the conveyor belt. After a nervous fifteen minutes alicias bag joins us and we are on our way. We walk out the airport doors to see about a hundred indian men holding name boards and shouting things. We quickly found our driver who who pulled out a bunch of red roses. Welcome to India!
The next half an hour i spent staring out the window as we drove to our hotel. I was shocked by how much they use there horns and dont seem to bother with keeping to any lane. After we get to our hotel, see the room and drop off our bags etc, me and lissy go outside for a quick smoke before bed and are just stared at by a rickshaw driver who i dont think blinked for a whole ten minutes!
The next day in delhi was crazy! Its so busy everywhere with people, ricksaws, cars, dogs and cows. We obviously looked shocked and like we had just here so we were hounded with the same script;
"hello, whats your name?"
"are you from England?"
"i have friend in London/Hackney/Birmingham"
Then they try and sell you something. In my case, everyone seems to be trying to sell me hashish or skunk?!!
After navigating our way round the main bazaar and its side streets for a couple of days, we book a train to agra for friday the 13th, unlucky for some. Unfortunately i get really ill in the early hours of the morning before we are due to catch a train. Im not going to go into too much detail but it was horrible!
The next morning we headed off to a cheaper hotel round the corner with a tv, for me to try and hold down some food and get my strength back with lissy playing the nurse.

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17th November 2009

sounds amazing!!
Enjoyed reading your blogg, you paint a vivid picture. So glad you're feeling better Russ I bet it was a bit grim. Jakki said you missed the Taj mahal,bummer eh !! I'm sure you'll see many other fantastic sights though. All good here, take care lots of love Trace xxx
18th November 2009

You caught the Dehli belly early, that's the first tourist attraction out the way!
18th November 2009

Hi Russ . Hope your adjusting to your new life. All well hare. Will be putting some cash into your bank over next few days . Rest to follow . Enjoy yourself. Try some monkey brain soup.!!

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