Mt Abu

November 26th 2009
Published: November 26th 2009
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So we leave beautiful Pushkar completely relaxed and with our new found good karma and set sail for Ajmer, which is the nearest large city to Pushkar. We then had a sleeper coach booked to take us to Mount Abu. However, it seems things over here are never that easy! Firstly, where we got dropped off by the bus in Ajmer, was a few miles away from where we were getting picked up by the sleeper coach. In true indian stylee, 6 of us were bundled into a rickshaw. With all of our bags etc, it was a hell of a squeeze. Me and Lis were lucky enough to have the seats at the back, so were were facing the traffic behind us and could actually see how close people drive to eachother over here! After about 15mins we were dropped off outside of a makeshift road side cafe where the coach was collecting us from. Ahh im looking forward to getting my head down on this sleeper coach. Basically, a sleeper coach has little boxes about 2mx2m or 2mx1m (double or single) and you can just about sit up in them. Excellent for long journeys in the night, just go to sleep then wake up and your there! Unfortunatly, when we got this cafe, we were told that coach had been cancelled! Cancelled?? What are we going to do now? The nice man said he could sqeeze us into another coach going to Mount Abu, but its not a sleeper its normal chairs for 12 hours! So we agreed and had to wait for two hours for the new coach to arrive. We did get some money back though, 100 rupees each! Out come the playing cards and we start playing shit head. Slowly a crowd of men start to gather round us and they are all laughing and joking with eachother and we are chuckling along at what we can understand. Then someone taps me on the shoulder and one of the little buggers has dropped a lit cigarette on my chair. Ouch!! i jump up off my chair grabbing my ass. It only hurt for a second but it was the shock more than anything. Everyone around us errupts into a huge fit of laughter, Alicia included and they are all slapping there knees in histerics. The little bugger behind me says sorry it was an accident (from what i could gather in hindi) so i sit back down all red faced and red arsed! Anyway, our bus finally arrived and we set off to Mount Abu. The journey was pretty shitty! We couldnt sleep because the driver was playing hindi music at full blast, i guess to keep him awake, and everyone else! So we stop off at a few places along the way to stretch our legs and use the toilet and get food etc. As the sun comes up i can see desert all around us, but in the distance is a huge group of mountains covered in green trees and bushes, quite a contrast. A sight reads "Welcome to Mount Abu", we must be here! As our coach start the hour long climb to the top of mountain we start to see loads of monkeys hanging out in the trees around us. The higher up we get, the more spectacular the views. This place is beautiful! Its really weird to have been driving across desert and then suddenly hit this huge lush green mountain. Mount Abu is a basically a mountain plateau about 26km long with a lake at the top, surrounded by palm trees, monkeys, bears and loads of other wildlife. It really does feel like a coastal town with all the palm trees, not at all like your on top of a mountain! So we got off the coach and then headed to a cheap hotel to get some well deserved sleep


26th November 2009

haha, plenty more tricks up their sleeves where that came from! Getting used the to the transport system takes a long time, probably just as you're about to leave
22nd December 2009

haha i would of purposly burnt ur ass hee hee and mr russ am glad to hear u mocked her and joined in on the thigh slapping laughter xx
26th December 2009

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