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November 30th 2017
Published: December 30th 2017
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I used to live for 20 years in since we moved nearly a year ago to South Africa, we are now doing two little Asia tours per year. No point on doing a blog about each place...but we had some pretty amazing views from our hotels rooms, so here they are!

Twenty years in Asia...and few homes. I've lived in Saigon, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Bangkok. On her side, Tanya has lived in Saigon and Bangkok. So when we are back, it's mainly to see friends...for me to do some business meetings too....and obviously, to eat what we don't have at home...and to shop...this is Asia!

We started by flying to Shanghai on Emirates. Miles earned on Emirates are not much worth much if you want to spend them on a new ticket..really not a good deal...but they are not that bad to use to upgrade to business. So for once, we are both in the front of the plane...for both legs, drinking some nice bubbles and few cool wine glasses!

We are for three nights in Shanghai. Yes, we saw many of our friends...even party till pretty late at M1nt. Big disappointment was the Sunday brunch...great company, but it's not the party food it used to year, we are giving a chance, a last one to the Westin brunch! Christmas is coming shopping here is big time on the list...glasses are exceptionally cheap if you know the correct price and where to buy or two place makes cool jewellery presents for Christmas....and there is what must be the biggest Decathlon shop in we are going skiing...soon!

Next stop, Macau. No I haven't fall in love with there is always a flights to Macau from Shanghai, as a one way, are way cheaper than to Hong Kong. Hotels in the middle of the week do also offer some crazy deals. Little disclaimer, I've got the right card which helps to get nice upgrades as well as other cool freebies...

So, first super deal, 108usd plus taxes in Macau can get you....a 125 square meters suite with top views at the Sheraton Macau. This is the biggest Sheraton in the world. They are renovating their lounge, so instead, we got free drinks at one of the bar...than the full buffet at their main buffet. I love the seafood they had on offer flow of Portuguese wine was also in the deal. You add to this a very nice breakfast next morning. Total bill 108usd plus taxes for two. I don't remember such a deal in my past last years traveling around Asia! Next, was a very civilized night at the more secluded St Regis next door...on the program...more bubbles!

Next stop, Hong Kong...that's the office stop for me. Few will understand, but it is always quite a fun moment. I also used the stop to have my little underwater Nikon camera finally fixed after the slight disaster that happened to it back in May at home. The best deal in HK these days is...the wine! Zero taxes, zero VAT on the wine in HK. This means you can find the best the world has to offer at a truly nice price. Imagine, New Zealand wines are more expensive in Auckland, than they are in Hong Kong. That's the only thing I really miss about HK...those deals today are pretty amazing!

Next stop, Saigon...few more friends, few more great lunches and dinners....and if you ask, yes we had a long lunch with Leslie!

We finally made it back to our second home, Bangkok. More friends, more shopping...more food...more of the very few things we miss in South Africa. Don't take me wrong, we have more friends in South Africa than in Bangkok...but we miss from time to time the ethnic diversity of the food....and when it comes to shopping...Asia beats South Africa big time!

Next, back to the beach....for a seriously romantic little come soon on this blog!

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