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April 3rd 2011
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We arrived in Saigon around 11. We bought tickets for the island of Phu Quoc in the southern Vietnam, we had to pay 52 $ for two tickets with bus and boat, and we had to leave the same night at 10 o clock.

After this, we decided to go see the Cu Chi tunnels just outside the city, we shared a taxi with an australian couple that we had met on the bus from Cambodia. The tour out there was okay, but we had to turn around a couple of times because the driver didn't know the way.

We saw a lot of their weapons and homemade traps, which where quite brutal. One of the tunnels was bigger than the tourists, so that the tourists could try walking around in them (big western people). I tried walking about 15 meters, and Stefanie continued, while i decided i had had enough. They were really small and dark and it was not exactly easy walking around downthere. We finished off with seeing teir kitchen and dining room and trying some of the food they had eaten (not very good, some kind of vegetable that was very dry).

The trip back was on the other hand very exiting! Our driver escaped a policeman in the heavy traffic and were close to hitting 3 or 4 bikes on his way, he drove really crazy..

When we came back we had a sandwich for lunch and walked around in Saigons streets. It is a really hectic place so we were happy not to spend too much time there.

The night bus to Rach Gia was kind of weird, we were a sleep but a couple of times we woke up and saw that the bus was on a ferry or through a tunnel. We arrived in Rach Gia around 5 in the morning and the boat did not leave untill 8.

We slept on a couple of benches untill the boat left. When we got on the boat they lead us into the V.I.P room (eventhough we had normal tickets) and we had flatscreen TV's crackers and water all for free, and we were the only ones in there so we slept all the way.

We arrived at Phu Quoc around 10:30 and had to pay each 3 $ to be driven to Luna Resort. We got a nice little cottage for 15 $ a night. Vietnam is a bit more expensive than the other countries, so we felt a bit cheap during our time there, but also rich at times since we cashed out a couple of 100.000 dong at a time.

The water just outside our place was a bit dirty but a small hike longer up the beach it was fine and clear. We spend the day at the beach and at our bungalow. In the evening we had a very nice shower after almost 3 days on the road.

We ate at the resort just next to ours and went to bed early.

The next morning i woke up before Stefanie, which was a first. We found a much cheaper restaurant for breakfast, we only payed 90.000 VND for breakfast and fruitshakes for both of us (22,5 DKK).

We went back and washed our clothes. After this we went up to see the waterfalls, but there wasnt any water so it was just, fall? After this we went to see the local pepperfarm which was a really nice place, we ended up buying some very good spices to bring home with us. We also saw the fish sauce factory, which i hate, and it does not smell good! But it was fun to see though.

In the end we went to a pearl farm but i think the idea of it ws to make us buy the pearls rather than to see the actual farm.

For dinner we went back to the cheap restaurant at the beach with the plastic chairs. We had some nice spring rolls and fried rice with chicken. Stefanie managed to drink a whole bottle of beer, so proud! 😉

The next morning we had to go to a snorkling trip, and got surprised because the divers allready arrived at 8 and we were told we should be ready at 8:30, so we were in a bit of a hurry packing our things.

It was a really nice trip, with som nice austrialians and also a vietnamese couple from the US. We were a bit disappointed in the snorkling itself though, you couldnt see much and there werent a lot of colours on the fish and corals.

We also tried fishing from the boat, Stefanie managed to catch a couple of fish but i wasnt patient enough. We finished of visiting Sao Beach, which is a reallu beautifull bounty street, and we felt sorry that we didnt know that from the start, then we would definetly have chosen to live there.

We ate at our regular place, had some bbq sticks which were also great! Their small son that we had also talked with the other days was entertaining some of the guests with bowling with empty bottles and a ball. I had a great time with a couple of dogs to talk with, aaaw.

Anyways, next day we had to leave the lovely island in favor of Saigon.

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