Day 19 - More school

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August 9th 2012
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Day 19 - More school
Another early start, they start at 7.30 here! I went to buy a ream of paper to go with the wax and pencil crayons, although we have not worked with the same classy twice! The class today went much better today. We managed to get to number 10 today. We finished off by having a dink at the Internet cafe. After lunch, more rice, fried chicken, bean shoots and peanuts!!,

Britty, Hannah, Nadia, Beckey, Me and Kevin went on a bike ride. It was quite funny because we hired the bikes for about 40k vnd, but they arrived individually......with their owners! ...LOL. We set off to the fisherman's house. It is amazing how simply they live! In a bamboo shack on stills; yet they are so proud. They were very welcoming, and obviously pleased to meet us. The older man of the family, and his son took us to the China Sea where they harvest clams.

We all had a go on his polystyrene boat. The word boat is to used very loosely!! We then continued on foot to see the clam farm. It was a big business, but we were all so scared of the guard dogs, that we cut it short! When we got back the four girls went back out on the bikes whilst I came with Nadia to the Cafe for a much needed cold drink. It has been great to have a rain free day.

After tea, we went to Luyen,s house to have drinks and make Troi Cake. Luyen's mum prepared the ingredients for us. Luyen has been wit Hannah, Andrea and me as out support/interpreter throughout this week, whilst Kevin has been helping Becky, Britty and Nadia. We had a good time doing the cooking. Luyen and her family were also enjoying the experience. The cakes were made from a dough mixture of rice flour and water. It had already been kneaded for us. We had to shape them into a disc with curved up edges, fill the with the green bean mixture, then close it up into a ball so that the bean was secured inside the dough. At this stage they are put into a pan of boiling water until they rose to the top. This is why they also call them floating cakes! They were then transferred into a bowl, and topped with the hot rice water and sprinkled with sugar. Once we had got them made, we ate them! It was a doughy, sort of suet like texture, very sweet on the outside, but savoury inside. It was so nice of Luyen' mum. We the went off to Internet cafe to have a drink and use internet! Britt is sporting a very nice skin t shirt due to her very red arms!... LOL

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