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29th September 2017

Woo Hoo !!
Glad to be back so I can read these - Loving them - keep the blog coming as I think I am as excited as you guys now :)
24th September 2017

Go girls!!
I'm being good this time leesal I'm gonna read all your entries. Have fun ladies. X
23rd September 2017

So exciting....
Hi Lesley and Ella....what excitement! Love following your trip. Take great care...looking forward to tomorrow already!!!
9th March 2017

Hi Lesley.....loving reading your travel blog once again. It all sounds wonderful. Enjoy every minute!
7th March 2016

Those boots are meant for walking! (And that's just what they'll do)
Hi Lesley....so glad you got some boots....and what boots they are.....they look fabulous! Love the whole outfit! You look great!
2nd March 2016

Hope your having a good time
Hiya what a suprise you on holiday again what made you go how's the house move going how long are you their for hope Ella is ok and still enjoying it hope you haven't gone out their to get a Arab as a new bloke we'll take care and will see you when you get homexx
3rd March 2016

Hi Andrea
Yes, just managed to fit a cheeky one in! House sale going through, now living at Beth's! Living it!
7th October 2015

renting a self drive car in delhi
Hey nice blog!! I myself hired a car on rent when i had a visit in Delhi, It was good service.
7th October 2015

Hi Pleased you enjoyed the blog! I couldn't drive on India! I would be a nervous wreck, I am safer walking or in a tuk yuk! Regards Lesley
2nd September 2015

Sounds like a plan!
Great! Look forward to seeing you. Angela
2nd September 2015

New chapter waiting for you!
Hi Lesley.....glad you treated yourself to a little luxury at the end of your mammoth trip! Just want to say have a safe trip home......little Thea waiting for her Grandma's cuddles......and a new chapter in your life awaits too. Take care. Angela
2nd September 2015

Thank you Angela!
Yes, I think it's all good from here, and going forward! Hope you've enjoyed the trip! I'll see you for coffee when I've settled back in! Xxx
1st September 2015

Nice to hear you drinking good coffee and greased up like a chip! Enjoy your last day xx
31st August 2015

Hi Nepal looks beautiful. Enjoy your "you" time. Glad you stayed consistent with your shopping! Ha x
31st August 2015

Luxury at last!
Hi Lesley.......another phase of your wonderful experience comes to an end.....but another starts! Enjoy yourself.....relax...and recover after all those VERY early mornings.....take care. Angela
29th August 2015

Hi Pleased you got your sim! Hope you get your sunrise x
27th August 2015

Hi Looks like a great place and the safari! Don't catch too much sun it you'll be browner than me. Have fun x
26th August 2015

Dancing Queen!
Lovely to hear you are having such fun!
25th August 2015

Good to read that you are feeling much better. So pleased. The experiences you are having are amazing....you'll never forget them.....and so interesting to have the different view of things this time round. That's good. Take care....I'm still reading! Enjoy it all!
22nd August 2015

Dizzy bees!
Hi Well you certainly know how to injure yourself! Just slow down and recover. Remember I'm your nurse. Sounds like you're having a ball. Missing my travel companion! Take care xx
22nd August 2015

Lesley.......will you please be careful! Either take more "water with it". lol. or just more care! I am worried what I will read next! TAKE CARE! :)
18th August 2015

Hi travel partner!
Hi I leave you alone for 1 day and you have an all nighter! Brill, sounds like you had so much fun. It's funny reading your blog when I'm not there. Keep safe and have fun x
17th August 2015

Safe and sound!
You sound very happy now in India. Enjoy the time with your 'old' friends.
17th August 2015

Flying Solo again....
Hi Lesley....I am going to miss Helen....been nice to get to know her. So back to India....hope you continue to have a good time...take care of yourself. Keep blogging!
17th August 2015

I will miss Helen!
Hi Angela, you are right, I will miss Helen in lots of ways. But I will also enjoy my own space too!

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