Day 21 - free day in Hanoi

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August 11th 2012
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Day 21 -free day in Hanoi
Not really sure how today will pan out, but that's not a bad thing...LOL. It is going to be an easy day. It has started well as it is now 8am and I have just woke up, which is a massive improvement on last week as I was getting up at 6 - 6.30! and secondly, I know that I definitely not having cold pancakes for breakfast ..yayyyyy

Just had a surprise chat, and catch up with Mary on FaceTime. It is 2am in UK, 8am here; thanks Mary, it was nice to hear from home! We all went out for a group shop and lunch today. Nadia is definitely the best haggler around! I bought a Vietnamese tea set for 6 on a bamboo tray. It is lovely. I just hope i can get it home in one piece! Then people split up between the cinema and the Ethnology Centre, but I didn't fancy the cinema, and have already done the Ethnology centre to chose to window shop.

I have had a good afternoon. I had my nails in filled with acrylic, I have had my roots dyed, so now both nails and hair looking better I think! After a couple of hours I bumped into Gloria; she had fallen asleep, so missed everyone. We continued shopping for some bits that she needed.....then my shoe broke! I had to walk for about half an hour with only one shoe on!

Been out for another nice meal with the group tonight. After the meal some went drinking, some went back to hotel. Nadia and I opted for shopping...again. A bit more personal indulgence is always good for anyone! Nadia bought a nice silver ring for herself, and I really indulged in a natural jade leaf on a gold mount. I was really looking for a jade Vietnamese female Buddha, but really loved the leaf instead! Very pleased with my purchase!

We went for a bit of a meander to Hoan Kiem Lake. It is so nice round there on a night. It seems to be a Vietnamese social area with various pocketsif people ballroomdancing. All ages too! It is a real hive of activity. There is lots of fancy lights all too which just add to the ambiance of the whole thing. We then went off to our favourite coffee to put the world to right! All in all, another good day.

I haven't taken many pictures because it is all stuff that I have already taken pictures of previously!

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