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Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hai Duong » Lang Gung Village November 24th 2009

Computer Training in Thuy Lam Hamlet I had two goals this trip, see the mountain areas of Vietnam and participate in library training in a local village and training with the National Library of Vietnam. This blog is about library training. In a country that claims a 95% literacy rate but just a few years ago was 95% illiterate, there is not a culture of reading books. A lot of the provincial libraries and university libraries are full of students but the small village libraries, in my opinion, are not proving their worth. What these small libraries need to do is develop programs to attract students and offer services the people need. For these reasons, I have developed the following suggestions for libraries. • ESL Training - Both English As A Second Language class and computer ... read more
Grandma, Yen and Loannie
Opening Computer Training
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Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hai Duong » Lang Gung Village March 24th 2009

Dear Wes, How are you? I miss you very much. I wish you were on this trip with me. You would enjoy Vietnam very much. I wish all my family were like you and could enjoy, appreciate and understand the experience of Vietnam. The people are beautiful here, very friendly, and I enjoy being with them. Yesterday, a Hanoi University student Loannie and I, traveled to Lung Gung Village in Hai Duong Province. Just east of Hanoi. It is a thousand year old village and except for the cell phone, motorbike and television would be much like it was one thousand years ago. To give you a time frame, the Converse's came to what is now the USA in 1640, 364 years ago. Since the pilgrims came in 1620, we have been here about as long ... read more
Grandma's house
Grandma and Loannie

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hai Duong » Lang Gung Village February 22nd 2008

The following blog entry is a little old. I have never published it because I considered it an unfinished project. I do so now because I am writing a report to the Director of the National Library of Vietnam, and it explains how some well intentioned people can in their desire to help the people of Vietnam can leave them with something they don't know how to operate. I have been back to Lang Gung Village three times, once with officials of the National Library and the Provincial Library of Hai Duong Province. It is still struggling from lack of trained people to operate the library, the computer and programs such a library should have. I have since resigned from the Library Project of Vietnam and joined LEAF-VN, Library Education Assistance Foundation of Vietnam. It is ... read more
Presentation of Our Flag
Two boys watch the performance on my lap
The Remodeled Catholic Church

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