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April 12th 2018
Published: April 12th 2018
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After 3 weeks in the country, I really wanted to go to Kuiburi park to end it well.

Remember in my 1st blog on Thailand, my objective was to see and take pictures of 5 different wild animals.

Only one animal was missing from my 'list': the elephant.

I saw so many signs of their presence in Khao Yai park that I felt that with 2 or 3 days more a that place, I would have succeeded!!

But finally, I have reached my objective, (YAHOO!!!), in Kuiburi. And I didn't only see one elephant, but 17....

Park rangers told us we were lucky that day because we began to see animals around 2pm, and usually, tourist begin to see animals at end of the afternoon.

Is it because of the many storms there was the day before that created perfect conditions? Nobody knows.

The park is very well maintained and cared for.

The tours are done in pickup truck. Prices are very reasonable, compared to any African safari.

They give you plenty of time to take pictures, and you can do some walking safari as well.

Asian elephant with
tusks are rare, but we saw one.

I also saw a gaur, (kind of a wild bull), but didn't have time to take pictures.

check this video i took of the elephants' family crossing the road.

Next blog will be my conclusion on this trip.

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young male with tusksyoung male with tusks
young male with tusks

This one, we stayed at a very good distance,, as they might be dangerous.

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