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December 1st 2005
Published: December 3rd 2005
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I can't believe it's already been a month since I got here, but what a month!

I've been working pretty much non-stop and have only had 1 day off so far, which means I'm due 4 days off next week and I'm planning on heading down to a beach resort for a well earned break.

I'm still enjoying everyday although it does occasionally get repetitive now that I've done every job on the centre so many times but the animals are always up to their tricks and either trying to grab my water-ing can or pulling the hairs from my legs when I'm wearing shorts! (My even think about waxing!)

I've spent part of this week with the Elephants again, which is still amazing every time I see them... especially when we head into the jungle to find them and they suddenly appear from nowhere!

I've also made a new friend in the form of one of our pet dogs (we have 8) who I saved from being bitten to death by a pack of stray dogs who appeared near the centre the other day. The dogs name is sangsun (named after the local whiskey) and he
Finding my elephant!Finding my elephant!Finding my elephant!

One of our elephants suddenly appears from out of the jungle!
sleeps outside my room door, which is great until he decides to bark at 2 o'clock in the morning... not sure how long our friendship will last at this rate! ;-)

The weather has been temperamental and we seem to still have a lot of rain, which apparently has been flooding parts of central and southern Thailand but hopefully the good weather is around the corner as I desperately need a tan on my days off. (I guess you guys are hoping for the same thing back in London!)

Edwin, the wild life centre's co-coordinator is heading up to a town near Bangkok to rescue 9 other gibbons today, so we have been running around like mad trying to make room in quarantine for them, which has meant moving around a lot of animals in one day. This basically means that they will be unsettled over the next few days and there seems to be a lot of fights breaking out both in and outside the cages! ;-)

OK time to go now but I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has emailed me, it really is great to hear from you and I'm only
My New Buddy!My New Buddy!My New Buddy!

Me and Samsun... my 'Katoi' dog!
sorry that I can't always reply to you all due to the limited time we have to use the internet.

Anyway, take care everyone and keep sending me your emails!


P x

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Escaped animalEscaped animal
Escaped animal

One of the animals got out and grabbed one of our volunteers!

3rd December 2005

Absolutely wicked mad
Buddy to see you there with all those animals doing what you are doing touches my heart and I wish I had done something like that take care and keep sending the updates. Take care and keep enjoying wish I was there with you seems amazing.
5th December 2005

Estou a adorar ler as tuas aventuras! deves estar a divertir-te muito! beijinhos de Portugal
8th December 2005

Entao tudo bem. Espero que estaeja tudo bem e que te estaejas a devertir. Agora futeball. ONosso SLB ganhou 2-1 ao M.United e estamos nos ultimos 16. :))) Slb Slb Slb

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