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November 16th 2005
Published: November 16th 2005
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My view every evening... not bad!?
My second week has flown by and I'm really starting to feel the heat and humidity of the place!

I've spent most of the week with the elephants although I've now started other duties with some of the sloth bears and gibbons.

I still haven't had a day off yet but I've just booked a day off this Friday, so me and the other 3 boys on the program are heading into Hua-Hin for the Thai boxing night on Thursday followed by a pampering day on friday, which will consist of a lot of Thai and oil massages... although we've been advised to decline any offerings of 'happy endings' !?

Days are still very long but I'm now getting use to getting up at 6 a.m and going to sleep at 10.30p.m although we do occasionally go wild and stay up until midnight... yep crazy stuff!

Some of the volunteers who I started the program with are heading off this week, so it's kind of sad at the moment although we're expecting 5 more to arrive on Friday.

I've finally met Guro who is actually a girl from Norway, so had a really good laugh with

Ompum the bear climbing one of his trees!
her when I explained her email drama. (if you don't know what I mean... ask around for the full story!)

I had an amazing experience yesterday when I was asked to help sedate a macaque in the vet clinic and it escaped, which I've got to tell you was terrifying! Anyway we managed to finally hold it down without anyone getting bitten by it's huge fang teeth and I helped hold it down while we drained fluid from it's chest... yep, I definitely needed a few drinks after that!

The food is still good although I'm starting to miss the occasional baked potato with mexican tuna but I have managed to buy some bacon, which I use occasionally when we run out of peanut butter for breakfast! ;-)

I also gave my first tour around the project today to 15 tourists who were a mix of Americans and English and apparently they donated the highest amount of money ever from a visit... so I was well chuffed!

OK time to go now, so hope everyone is well and I'm sorry if I haven't replied to all your emails it's just that we only get 30 minutes

The Macaque who escaped!
internet access every 3 days and it takes ages to download my pics onto this site!

Take care and keep sending me your news as it really does put a smile on my face! ;-)

bye for now...

P x


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