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June 10th 2006
Published: July 10th 2006
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We got the boat to Ko Tao it took two hours to get there. When we got off the boat we came across a guest house that had air con, fridge and TV - Yes TV! For just 500 bht a night. First we checked out some bungalows on the beach but they were too similar to those on bottle beach - small, dark and dingy. So needless to say we went for the one with the TV much to Amy's delight. We had 40 channels, mostly thai but enough english ones to keep Amy happy. This is probably why we overstayed on this tiny island, we did'nt get up to musch apart from relaxing and watching a bit of TV. We found a mini golf course which also had free pool table which became one of our daily haunts. We also found a really cheap thai restaurant called 'Puks" where we had numerous battered chicken dishes for a steal at only 45bht. On one day we went to hire a moped. We asked whether we were insured under the bargain price of 150bht (just over 2 pound) for 24 hrs - unsurprisingly we were not! The owners all said "dont worry - we fix bike if you break it - we have spare parts". Great, but we were actually thinking of ourselves. Ollie hopped on rather nervously feeling the power of all 100 cc even though Sophie's barbie bike has more power! Amy sat on the back and held on as tight as she could, however, she did not feel safe as the bike wobbled so much so she jumped off. ollie tried to control the bike for 20 minutes without wobbling but in the end took the bike back and got most of our money back to. Next day Ollie came up with a master plan to hire pedal bike for the day and explore the island this way. Great idea, except it was only the hottest day since arriving in Thailand. After 10 minutes we were both finding it hard to breath and heat exhaustion was starting to set in. determined however, we soldiered on until reaching a small bar where we sat for a good long rest and drank plenty of water - nice one ol!

We had to stay in Ko Tao one extra night due to us both having tummy bugs, and decided the last place we wanted to be was on the night boat to Phuket. Next stop Phuket...

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